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Gerald Lee Callahan

Gerald Lee Callahan, 87, of Jacksonville passed away September 19, 2018. Gerald was born October 22, 1930 in Toledo...

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Roger Lee Maple

Roger Lee Maple, 70, of Jacksonville, FL was born on July 31st, 1948 to Donald and Frances Maple. He passed away...

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Madge Hagan

Madge Hagan, 89, of Jacksonville, Florida passed away September 13, 2018. She was a faithful member of Northside...

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The Bitterest tears shed over graves are
for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

– Harriet Beecher Stowe


Grief & Healing

Mustering the Courage to Mourn

“Whatever you do, you need courage.”  — Ralph Waldo Emerson Loss brings uninvited pain into our lives. In opening to the presence of the pain of your loss, in acknowledging the inevitability of the pain, in being willing to gently embrace the pain, you demonstrate the courage to honor the pain. Honoring means “recognizing the


Healing Your Grief About Getting Older

A simple truth is that from the day we enter into this world, we start to age. To be human means to grow older each day we are on this earth. We begin and we end. However, we have infinite choices about what comes in between. Our bodies often remind us we are changing long


Helping Infants and Toddlers Cope with Grief

When Someone a Baby Loves Dies When someone a baby loves dies, knowing what to say or do can be difficult. How do you tell a toddler that his favorite grandpa is dead? What do you do when a baby whose mother has died cries all the time and refuses to eat? Indeed, young children

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