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Laura Robson Nottingham

Laura Robson Nottingham, 64, passed away on Monday, October 5, 2020. She was born on April 29, 1956 in Jacksonville...

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Mary E. Tice

Mary E. Tice, 82, of Jacksonville, FL passed away October 13, 2020. She was a member of Highlands United Methodist...

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Catherine Claire Waldrep Warren

Catherine Claire Waldrep Warren, one month from 92, passed away peacefully on October 7th, 2020 and has gone home to...

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The Bitterest tears shed over graves are
for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

– Harriet Beecher Stowe


Grief & Healing

Love and Grief: In Communion and Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

“We are all mirrors unto one another. Look into me and you will find something of yourself as I will of you.” — Walter Rinder Love is a sacred partnership of communion with another human being. You take each other in, and even when you are apart, you are together.  Wherever you go, you carry


Helping Yourself Heal When Someone Loved Dies

Someone You Love Has Died You are now faced with the difficult, but important, need to mourn. Mourning is the open expression of your thoughts and feelings regarding the death and the person who has died. It is an essential part of healing. You are beginning a journey that is often frightening, painful, overwhelming, and


Helping Yourself Heal When Someone You Care About Dies of a Drug Overdose

A friend or family member has died of a drug overdose. Death and grief are always hard, but when someone dies from drug use, understanding your feelings and knowing what to think and say about the death can be especially difficult. This article offers compassionate guidance for coping with your own grief as well as



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How to Choose an Urn

How to Choose an Urn

In recent years, more people have chosen cremation due to several reasons including cremation becoming more acceptable, fewer religious restriction, fewer family traditions; people dying at older ages; and a greater flexibility in memorial services. Whether your loved one wished for cremation or the family collective decided in a creation, a cremation is a way

How to Cope with the Death of a Sibling

How to Cope with the Death of a Sibling

Whether a sibling died young, old, tragically, or from natural causes, there is a pain that exists like no other. Many siblings are closely connected, whether from their childhoods or from a current relationship, which has been built over many years. Sibling relationships are full of memories, love, fights, jealousy, protectiveness, annoyance, rivalry, competitiveness, and

How to Get Support with Grief During Social Distancing

How to Get Support with Grief During Social Distancing

The grief we experience after a loved one passes is different for everyone. What one person feels, and experiences is not what another person necessarily goes through. People have different grieving processes and timelines. Right now, as a nation and a world, we are experience a pandemic due to COVID-19 that is requiring all of

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