3 Funeral Planning Mistakes to Avoid and How to Solve Them

3 Funeral Planning Mistakes to Avoid and How to Solve Them

Funeral planning can be challenging, especially when you have to go through many emotions due to a departed loved one. Because of this, you may run into several mistakes that can affect the memorialization process. It may also impact how your friends and family will remember the dearly departed, making it difficult to let go. Fortunately, we have just the information you need to make well-informed decisions. 

This article will discuss four common mistakes most people make with funeral planning. Take this as an opportunity to honor death as a part of life and treat yourself and everyone in your immediate spheres of influence with rest and well wishes. This way, there can be proper closure and seamless processing of tender memories and emotional attachments. 

Mistake #1: Believing the process of grieving is over after the burial 

When we observe various funeral scenes in movies, they are often formative moments for the main characters to gain some sense of relief as they let go of fond memories. However, we all know that Hollywood is just a mere portrayal or dramatization of reality. So while it may seem right to carry on once someone is buried, it’s alright if you and others need some time to process the happening. 

As such, it’s best to have some form of closure through group therapy and counseling, especially for those who need extra assistance. You also have to take note of those who may seem like they are alright on the outside but have anguish deep inside. So you should make this post-burial debriefing an open affair for anyone, allowing you and others to find peace of mind and move on through one’s own terms. 

Mistake #2: Showing no respect for any religious beliefs and death customs

Every individual has their own set of morals and belief systems towards death, and it’s only right that you honor that during the funeral and burial. It shows dignity and upholds respect among dear loved ones who share the same sentiments as the departed. Just ensure you do the proper research, seek advice from the right religious advisor, and come to terms with it with the committee assigned to plan the funeral and determine the appropriate burial practices. 

Mistake #3: Not making an effort to find a grave before dying 

Let’s face it: we are all going to face the inevitable. So why not plan ahead? It ensures those who are left behind have a huge weight lifted off of their shoulders. You can also save more in the long run because you have your cemetery space, coffin, and funeral services all prepared at reasonable prices. 

You even have the chance to customize your passing to make it memorable for your friends and family. This way, you can help them move on, knowing that you have good intentions with your death plan. If you think it’s time to start thinking about these things, consult with our pre-planning staff for more information. 


Funnel planning can be properly done if you do what you can to avoid common setbacks. Fortunately, you now have the working knowledge needed to ensure you are guided. Remember all the previously mentioned mistakes and make the necessary plans today. 

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