3 Ways You Can Share the Funeral Service While Social Distancing

3 Ways You Can Share the Funeral Service While Social Distancing

Everyone has experienced the effects of COVID-19 on their life and society, from how we work to how we play. It has also affected how death is handled. Everything from burials to visitation to funeral services has been negatively affected by the virus due to social distancing protocols to slow down and control the virus’s spread.

If you recently experienced the loss of a loved one, being alone can be extremely tough. After all, it is not always about what people say to comfort you, but about having people listen to what you have to say about your loved one. 

Fortunately, you do not have to grieve alone. There are still ways you can have a funeral service while social distancing. Here are a few ideas you should consider:

1. Set up a slideshow

A great way to share memories online is to set up a slideshow. In that slideshow, you can post pictures, share memories, and display words of remembrance. The photographs you choose should be old pictures of different events in your loved one’s life when it comes to images. As for memories and words of remembrance, you can post some of their comments on social media or voice recordings of people talking about them. Combining these into a slideshow is an excellent way to hold a virtual service.

2. Record a song together

If you have musical talent, you can try recording some songs. Even if your family members are not with you at the moment, you can give them a part to play in the music, allowing you to stitch these together into a stunning song and video. 

Keep in mind that this will require some time, not to mention a talent from everyone participating. However, the results can be truly astonishing. Even if your family is not adept at music, it can be memorable and meaningful. If you cannot do this, then you can simply sing together in real-time!

3. Stream the service online

If there is absolutely no way for anyone else to be with you during this trying time, you can stream the service. For instance, you can stream the burial to friends and loved ones, allowing them to participate wherever they are. 


This will take some prework. You need to ensure a connection where you are planning to stream (and have the device to stream it). The more you prepare, the more likely you can stream the service without issues. This can allow you to focus more on the service instead of being burdened by the stream.


It is incredibly tough to lose a loved one and even tougher now that the pandemic is keeping people apart. However, this does not mean you have to be alone as you grieve for your loved one. Technology has allowed people to connect without being physically together. People, no matter where they are, can be with you for the service. You would have the support you need to face tough times ahead despite the virus wreaking havoc worldwide.

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