4 Tips for Telling Your Loved Ones You Want to Be Cremated

4 Tips for Telling Your Loved Ones You Want to Be Cremated

Death is never an easy topic to discuss, let alone with your family. What your plans are after you die is scary to think about, but if you want to ensure that your final wishes are met, it has to be addressed. That being said, one of the major topics you need to put plenty of thought into is whether you want to be buried as you are or cremated. 

Cremation services are generally offered in many funeral homes, and some can even pre-plan it for you. However, whether or not you want to be cremated, you should always tell your family about your plans so that they will not be surprised to find out you want to be cremated on the day you pass. 

That being said, here is how you can properly tell your loved ones you want to be cremated:

Think about it

First things first, take the time to think about the idea of cremation. Why do you want to be cremated? Where do you plan to be cremated? These are the types of questions you need to be ready to answer simply in case your loved ones ask you about it. If they see that you are prepared to answer their questions, they will accept your decision. Otherwise, they may not take you seriously or object to the idea. While it is your choice, it would still be easier if your loved ones accept it.

Be direct as possible

When you tell your loved ones exactly why you want to be cremated, you need to be blunt. Do not beat around the bush or sugarcoat the idea. Death is serious, and you need to be calm and serious about the subject. However, do take the time to schedule the meeting to ensure everyone is ready to meet you and talk about it properly.

Prepare for disappointment

While some of your family members may accept and support your decision, some will inevitably be disappointed. You need to be fully aware that not everyone will think about cremation the way you do, and some will be opposed to it. As such, you should always be prepared to disappoint, as this will help you accept the reality and move on with your plans.

Be ready to answer any questions

Your family members will inevitably have plenty of questions about your decision. Always be open to asking these questions, and do not feel like this is an attack on your decisions. More often than not, they simply want an answer to calm their minds down and find peace. Just be sure to let them know that if they have any concerns in the future, they can reach out to you to talk about it.


Understand that no matter how prepared you are for the discussion, it will not be easy for you, let alone your family members. Death is scary, and when your loved ones are faced with the idea of your cremation. Fortunately, preparation also means that you should be ready to answer any of their questions. Hopefully, they will come to be accepting of your decision and respect your final wishes.

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