4 Ways to Cope With a Loss During the Holidays – Our Guide

4 Ways to Cope With a Loss During the Holidays – Our Guide

The holiday season is that time of the year that many people look forward to. It’s that time full of celebrations, cheerful singing, colorful lights, and scrumptious meals. It’s also the opportune moment to bond with family and friends, exchange gifts, and anticipate the fast-approaching new year. 

However, for some, holidays may be starkly different this time around. For those who are grieving, yearly traditions and festivities will never be the same again. The loss of a loved one may even make it hard for them to enjoy the celebrations. 

During the time when people around them are the happiest, that’s when they tend to feel the pain the most. 

If you have recently lost a family member or a treasured friend, don’t lose heart. There are ways for you to grieve and cope with the loss. On that note, we hope you find hope and inspiration in the following items:

1. Follow Your Feelings 

First of all, acknowledge the fact that you are going through a rough patch in your life. Usually, when grieving, your emotions and feelings can abruptly change without explanation. You’re just going to feel it. 

Rather than forcing yourself to feel okay and mask the negative emotions, pay attention to these feelings. Let them guide you through this period. If you suddenly feel like you just want to lay in bed when you’re supposed to be at a party, you may excuse yourself. Don’t feel guilty for feeling this way; let it run its course for now. 

2. Try Starting a New Holiday Tradition 

One of the hardest parts of holding your usual celebrations is that it makes you notice the loss even more. Sometimes, you may even feel that pushing through with a certain practice isn’t right anymore now that your loved one is gone. 

On that note, talk to your family and try beginning a new holiday tradition. However, this isn’t to make you forget about the loss. In reality, you can use these new customs to pay tribute to your loved ones. For example, you may have a candlelight ceremony with your family and friends to share their holiday memories.

3. Do Something for Yourself 

While this will not make your grieving easier, it will certainly help you get some fresh air—literally and figuratively. 

You can try doing the things you’ve never done before, such as enrolling in a cooking class or taking a trip somewhere. You may also pick up a new hobby, get a nice massage, or spoil yourself with great food. 

These seemingly small actions may help you feel better during this difficult time.

4. Do Something Nice for Others 

Another great way to cope with your loss is to do something nice for others. Seeing the grateful faces of the people you’ve helped will certainly leave a positive impression on you. Furthermore, the simple thought of knowing that you were able to lend a hand to someone can be refreshing. It can even spark at least a little bit of joy in your heart.   

Finally, don’t forget that you can also pay tribute to your loved one by making a donation in their name. 


Celebrating the holidays this year is not going to be easy, especially if you have recently lost a loved one. The situation may be depressing, but hang in there! Like other things in this world, this time of grieving shall pass as well. For now, you may have to live with the pain as the wound is still fresh. However, you should know that it will heal over time—and with the help of the people around you who care for you. 

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