Andrea Malcolm

Andrea Malcolm

Andrea Malcolm was born in Kingston, Jamaica on August 15, 1968, to the parents of, Delores Clarke and Carlton Malcolm. Andrea migrated on October 11, 1985, from Jamaica and resided in Homestead and South Miami, Florida for a period of 34 years. Upon her passing, she lived in Jacksonville for three years. Andrea was the third of six children. On November 18, 2022, on her firstborns birthday, unknown to everyone, Andrea embarked on a special flight to join her Heavenly Father in the mansion that was prepared for her.

Andrea attended South Dade Senior High and graduated in 1989. She was hard-working and dedicated as she worked at the Check Cashing Store as a manager. Before her illness she was working at the Palace Garden rendering service for the elderly. During that time as she battles with her own ailments, she managed to keep positive, upbeat, and continued to help others as she helped herself.

Andrea was a phenomenal person in so many ways. She loved in a way that was like a rare commodity. Andrea was caring and sensitive to the needs of others. She was so passionate, a mother to her own children, as well as many others. Lord, she was so unique and so beautiful. Not only on the outside but also on the inside. Andrea was so stylish and flamboyant. She will never enter a room and be unnoticed. Andrea Malcolm was the BOSS.
Sister girl, you were an artist in the kitchen and real boss when you cooked. Her food was always tasty and the Yum Yum was always tun-up. She had the right blend and left her family and anyone that ate her food with a flavor in their mouth because she was so authentic and specialized in doing things to the best of her ability.
On November 18, 2022, our Angie got weary of all she had endured and said, “I won’t complain”.
Goodbye world, I stay no longer with you.
I waited for a while before I said my last goodbye. The silence was broken when I could not see, my voice, I could not speak, my mouth, I could not eat and the only thing that was left, I was able to hear.
Now I hear no more. I am free, free. Hallelujah! I am free.
Please don’t cry, dry your weeping eyes,
If my pillow could speak to tell the tears that I have cried
If I stayed any longer, the well would have gone dry.
I am now looking down with a big smile on my face because I am now given a new body with no complaint.
Free at last, free at last, Hallelujah I am free at last.

To my children, I miss you all. Peter Hewie, Anton Blair, and my princess, Sanaa Dwyer. My grandchildren Paris and Khalani. My dearest mother, Delores and the brothers that preceded before me, Warren, and Nigel. Leaving Karlene, Clover and Rohan as well as Tisah and Andre Malcolm and others not mentioned. Aunts Barbara Fong and Perline Malcolm. Host of cousins, Janice Williams and Simone Gardine, nieces and nephews, grandnieces, and grand nephews. Close friends, just to name a few, Sandy, Lisa, Latoya, and Beverly.
Everyone that was a part of Andrea’s life, we acknowledge you all even if your name wasn’t mentioned, for whatever part you played and we are truly grateful for all the love shown to our beloved Andrea throughout the years.
Today, I will leave this with you. Love with truth. Do what needs to be done when you can. Stop procrastinating because time waits for no one. Live in love and unity with everyone. Our family is not just your relatives but everyone we encounter that is a part of our lives. Be good to one another because I AM at peace. Peace be with everyone.

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