Appropriate Songs to Play at a Loved One’s Funeral

Appropriate Songs to Play at a Loved One’s Funeral

Funerals are generally sad events to participate in, which is why people tend to play background music to bring ambiance to the scene. Music can greatly affect our emotions, which is why it’s important to choose the right songs to play at a funeral. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of song you play, even if people are unfamiliar with it. If it sends the right message, then there’s no doubt that you had chosen the right song. So how exactly do you choose the right funeral music? Here are a few pointers that might help you in choosing which songs to play at a Jacksonville funeral home.

Picking Potential Songs to Play

There are so many songs that you can choose from, and there aren’t exactly any wrong or right songs to play. However, a good rule of thumb to follow is to play a few of the deceased’s most beloved songs.

A funeral is just the final celebration of the deceased’s life before, which is why it’s important to play their favorite songs as a farewell tribute. You should also consider the variety of genres commonly used for funeral events. 

Songs That You Can’t Go Wrong with at a Funeral

  • Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley – This song is an absolute classic that is almost a requirement for every funeral. This is an amazing song that has such a powerful impact on the people celebrating the life of the deceased.
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole – This song is one of the most gentle yet heart-crushing songs to have ever been composed. It brings a very gentle melody that completely takes a person by the heart, reminding them of how beautiful life truly is and how it should always be celebrated.
  • Forever Young by Rod Stewart – An all-time classic, this song is a much more upbeat song that some might find unconventional for a funeral. However, it surely brings a deep message that will enter the hearts of the funeral attendants. This is one of those songs that will remind you of the times that you have spent with the deceased.
  • Highway to Hell by ACDC – A song that might not be appropriate at all just might end up being the perfect song to play at a close friend’s funeral—well, as long as everybody consents to it. 
  • You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor – This song is known for being an all-around great song, which is why it is a great choice to play at a funeral considering that it has a soft melody that is both uplifting and thoughtful. It’s a sad song, and it’s good at exactly at—being a sad song.

Playing Just the Right Music

Now that you are attending the funeral, you should now have a better grasp on which songs are truly fit for the deceased. Make sure to send the right message, and remember that almost any song can be a good choice. The celebration of the deceased’s life is what is most important in this event, and these songs are truly going to remind people of how fleeting life is.

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