August 2020

Attention Evergreen Property Owners

We are reviewing and electronically updating all records. If you have not reviewed your records with Evergreen in the past two years, please call 904-353-3649 for an appointment.


Many sectors have thrived in Jacksonville, from medical to military, and from financial to logistics. However, at the turn of the century dairy was a major industry in the Northeast Florida area. Though no longer operating in dairy production, the Skinner family name is well known in Jacksonville, and many members of the Skinner family are laid to rest in Evergreen. Samuel Ben Skinner, Sr. (Ben) was born in 1884 in South Carolina, and at age 12 moved to Jacksonville with is father and six brothers. In 1918 Ben formed the Skinner Brothers Realty Company, which was reestablished by other members of the Skinner family in 1999 and operates to this day. In 1922, Ben established Skinner’s Dairy on Bowden Road, where he remained an active worker until retiring in 1942. Many long-standing Jacksonville residents remember the Skinner’s Dairy drive through ‘milk houses’, which were built in neighborhoods around the city as door-to-door dairy delivery declined. Though the dairy operation closed in 1995, the buildings are still used by a variety of companies. The Skinner family plot is in Section GW.

Skinner’s Dairy ‘Milk House’

From the Desk of the General Manager

Evergreen Cemetery, at 167 acres, is one of the largest licensed cemeteries in Florida. This time of year is the most challenging for a sizeable cemetery like Evergreen. Daily rain and storms reduce the amount of time that we have in a day for maintenance and at the same time the landscape is growing at its fastest. We have a dedicated staff that maintains the landscape, and they have been working overtime to try to make up for the lost hours due to the rain.

Although important throughout the year, it is imperative during this season that the grave decoration guidelines are followed. Items placed on or around memorials not fitting the rules and regulations have to be removed before maintenance can be performed, costing our staff additional time and effort.

Printed copies of the grave decoration guidelines are available at the cemetery office and the guidelines are also posted on signs at the entrance of the cemetery. Evergreen’s complete rules and regulations are available on our website,

Your cooperation is most appreciated.
Thank you.

Michael D. Ondina
General Manager

Did You Know?

Well known writer Stephen Crane and his common law wife Cora Crane are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Stephen was interred in Evergreen Cemetery in Hillside New Jersey (1900) and Cora in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville Florida (1910).


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