The Right Burial Clothes: How to Dress a Deceased Loved One

The Right Burial Clothes: How to Dress a Deceased Loved One

Loss is never easy to grasp, while the heavy burden of grief may even be impossible to carry around or live with. However, although challenging, it’s crucial to take some time to accept the truth of their passing and bid a proper goodbye with a funeral. 

Of course, you’d want to give your loved one the best burial, but before that, you must hold a funeral service for their family and friends to attend. The funeral provides an opportunity to say goodbye, accept your loved one’s death, and receive support from those who share in your grief. 

Funerals are never joyous occasions, and no one would be keen on attending them if they had  a choice, but they are necessary for your loved one and you, together with the many others whose lives have been touched by who passed away. By holding a funeral service, you may have an easier time moving on from your loved one’s death and beginning the journey to healing.

Organizing the Funeral: The Burial Clothes

Everyone who attends a funeral seeks support from others, but their primary purpose is to take a last look at the person who passed for the last time. Besides the memories they have of your loved one, the time they peer into the casket will be one of the lasting moments they’ll have of your loved one. 

If you’ve decided on having your loved one embalmed for viewing before cremation or burial, deciding on the clothes they should wear will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You must pick the suitable burial clothes your loved one wants to wear for an adequate funeral service and leave a good memory for you and the attendees.

If you’re having difficulty figuring out the right clothes your loved one should wear, here are some tips below to help you:

The Clothes Must Reflect Who They Were

Clothes have been meant to express one’s character and individuality—burial or cremation clothes aren’t any different. The best way to pick the right clothes for your deceased loved one is to think about who they were when they were alive and how they dressed.

As many other families have done, you can consider dressing them in their favorite color or outfit when selecting the right clothes. Another idea is to pull their favorite item of clothing from their wardrobe to show who they were and what they enjoyed.

In some funeral services, the deceased has been dressed in their favorite pajamas, a tuxedo, and even a wedding dress. Anything is possible, as long as the outfit fits the personality of who your loved one was. 

Ask What’s Comfortable For the Family

The funeral service attendees will be seeing your loved one for the last time, so you must provide a fond memory of them. Of course, the feelings of the deceased loved ones matter, but you must also consider the feelings of those who will come to see them. 

The right clothes must make it easier to say goodbye and help them grieve. The right burial clothes should strike a balance between what your loved one wants to wear and how the funeral attendees want to remember your loved one.


A funeral service is one of the events that no one would wish to come to, but it is necessary to heal from the loss of a deceased loved one. Given the importance of the burial clothes, you might feel pressured into making the right choice, but don’t stress yourself out too much. As long as you go with your instincts, the clothes you choose will be best for your deceased loved one.

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