How to Choose the Right Funeral Service for Your Loved One

How to Choose the Right Funeral Service for Your Loved One

While death may be a morbid topic, many of us have at least decided how we wish to be laid to rest. Although the media often portrays funerals in a similar light, there are, in fact, different types of funeral services. They may range from religious tradition to more modern approaches. But typically, funeral services can fall under four categories. 

1. Traditional Full-Service Burial


The traditional full-service burial is what you often see on television and is what you’re probably familiar with. Aside from the burial itself, this type of funeral service includes a viewing of the dear departed and a ceremony.


Full-service funerals often begin with attendees viewing the casket and paying their respects to the family. Depending on the family’s wishes, the viewing may be done with an open or closed casket. 


This would then be followed by the funeral ceremony, which could either occur before the procession at the funeral home or church or after the procession at the cemetery. Depending on the dear departed’s religious beliefs, the ceremony may also include religious elements such as prayers and gospel readings. 


It is also at the ceremony where loved ones can step up and recite a eulogy. Immediate family members are often the ones to deliver a eulogy, but close friends and family may also be asked to say some words at the ceremony.


After the procession, the attendees gather at the cemetery and pay their final respects to the dear departed. Often, loved ones would throw in white roses or other flowers as the casket is being lowered. A funeral reception may also follow after the burial, allowing the family and friends to come together and remember their loved one fondly.

2. Direct Burial


Unlike the traditional full-service burial, the direct burial does not include any formal ceremony. This is often done shortly after death and is a more affordable option.


For direct burial, the funeral home secures a death certificate and other permits and prepares the body for transport to the cemetery. Embalming isn’t necessary for immediate burials, and the funeral home may use a simple box to lay the dear departed in instead of an expensive casket.


As grave plots can be expensive, direct burial offers a more affordable option for those who wish to cut down on funeral costs.

3. Full-Service Cremation


Some may prefer to be cremated upon their death. However, that does not mean you can no longer have the elements found in a traditional burial. 


One option for a full-service cremation is to lay the dear departed in a casket for viewing then proceed to cremation rather than burial. It is pretty similar to the traditional full-service burial up until the procession. After the funeral home or church ceremony, the body will be taken to a crematory instead of a cemetery.


Another way to have a full-service cremation is to have the cremation first and hold a memorial service after. In this case, the body is no longer present for viewing. Instead, the urn is displayed upfront while the friends and family deliver eulogies or pray over the deceased.

4. Direct Cremation


If the dear departed wished to be cremated but did not want any ceremony, direct cremation is available. In a direct cremation, the body will be cremated shortly after death. Since there will be no viewing, there will be no need for embalming. Direct cremation is a more affordable option and can be great for families who cannot afford the expensive funeral costs.


Final Words


There are many ways to respectfully celebrate the life of someone who has passed. For those who wish to hold viewings and ceremonies, they can choose between traditional full-service burial and full-service cremation. Direct burial or cremation can also be available for those who seek more affordable options.


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