Coping with the Loss of a Grandparent

Coping with the Loss of a Grandparent

For many of us, our grandparents are as close to us as our parents. For others, we were raised by our grandparents. And for some, our grandparents were the “cool” ones that let us get away with more than mom and dad did. Grandchildren can hold a very special bond with their grandparents, so when one grandmother or grandfather passes away, it is an extreme loss.

Many people experience loss for the first time with the death of a grandparent. Through a grandparent’s death, you are grieving alongside your siblings, cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, and more. Every person in your extended family had a different connection to your grandparent, so you will all be grieving differently. Remember, however you choose to grieve is OK, and your family members know what you are experiencing since they also lost this person.

A grandparent can be a very special person to a grandchild, which is why this loss hurts so much. After the loss, you may:

  • Feel emotionally numb
  • Want to cry all the time
  • Think about death more
  • Feel like your grief isn’t as important as your parents’.
  • Feel guilty about not being better to your grandparent or seeing them enough while he/she was alive.

These feelings are all valid and important. You need support just as much as anyone else through this loss. During this time, it’s normal and natural to help your loved ones during the grieving process but remember to take the time to grieve yourself too. Write in a journal or talk to friends about what you’re going through to help you through this loss while you also support your family.

Coping with grief comes easier with time, but there are certain things you can do to help you through the process.

  • Make sure you’re properly eating and sleeping so that your physical and mental health don’t deteriorate. You will feel better and stronger if you are well fed and rested.
  • Avoid drinking in excess or taking drugs. These substances may make you feel numb to avoid your emotions, but they will make you feel horrible down the line.
  • Express your feelings in healthy ways by journaling, talking to friends, drawing, exercising, and more.
  • After some time has passed, ask your family members about your grandparent to learn more about him/her. You could learn great stories that you never knew before. This is a great way to feel close to your loved one and family.
  • With your family’s permission, ask if you can keep something of your grandparent’s for you to keep a small part of him/her with you like a piece of jewelry, a watch, a photograph, a trinket, an item of clothing, a letter, etc.

Everyone grieves and copes differently but remember that your grief is reflecting your relationship with that person, and it’s natural. There are many ways for you to remember them and keep their spirit alive for years to come. If you are struggling to cope with the loss, you can reach out to bereavement support organizations or therapists for help.

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