Cremated Ashes: What Are the Different Storage Options Available

Cremated Ashes: What Are the Different Storage Options Available

It is common knowledge that cremation ashes are stored in cremation urns for final disposition. These urns are often made of elegant material, such as marble, and are aesthetically designed depending on what artistic direction you’re after. 

Some of our loved ones who’ve passed would often request beforehand that their ashes be buried or to have their ashes float away in a body of water. In cases like this, you can opt for a biodegradable cremation urn made of sustainable materials. 

But if you want to store cremation ashes and display the urn containing your loved ones’ remains, you can do so by placing the urn on a mantle or a shelf in your home. 

Fortunately, cremation services in Jacksonville like Evergreen JAX can help you throughout your loved one’s funeral processes. From planning the wake to choosing the perfect urn for your loved one — they can guide you through every step of the way. 

If you’re thinking of having your loved one’s ashes displayed, here are some storage options for their cremated ashes:

Placing the Urn in a Columbarium

If you’re thinking of having a permanent spot for your loved one’s urn, consider placing their urn in a columbarium. A columbarium is a room or free-standing structure located in a cemetery or church. Here, you’ll find compartments for placing urns with cremation ashes. 

What’s great about columbariums is that it is a known place for remembrance, meaning it’s a great location to memorialize a deceased loved one, allowing you to heal properly and recover from the loss. Additionally, you can even include photographs and mementos to personalize each niche and commemorate their lives. 

Fortunately, cremation services in Jacksonville like Evergreen JAX can provide assistance with this since they provide high-quality cremation services and will guide you throughout the process. This way, you’ll be able to find the perfect resting place for your deceased loved one. 

Entomb Your Loved One’s Cremation Remain in a Mausoleum

Another great way to store cremation remains privately is by entombing them in a crypt in a mausoleum. Mausoleums are structures where human remains are entombed; however, this is much more expensive than a columbarium. 

There are several ways to store cremated remains in a mausoleum — you can opt to simply bury the ashes in a cremation plot, or you can have them buried in the burial plot of another family member. 

Convert Ashes into Glass or Diamonds

A method gaining popularity across the United States, UK, Netherlands, and various other countries is converting human ashes into glass or diamonds. The ashes are turned into glass using a glass-blowing technique, and in some cases, some turn ashes into laboratory-grown diamonds. 

This is a unique and timeless way to remember and memorialize a loved one, allowing them to stay close to you for years. 

Scattering Some Ashes and Leaving Some to Keep

If you wish to dispose of your loved ones’ cremated remains in land, air, or water, you can do that and keep a portion in your locket, pendant, or ring. But remember, before you scatter ashes, to check if your state allows it and if your loved one has a preferred location. 

The Bottom Line: Cremated Ashes Can Be Stored However You Want so You Can Keep Your Passed Loved Ones Close to You

Whatever option you choose, you can always rely on cremation services in Jacksonville like Evergreen JAX to help you choose the best cremation storage. Whether it be in an urn at home, in a memorial area like a columbarium, a private mausoleum, or if you want to scatter their ashes — choose one that will help you process your loss and remember them for years to come. 

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