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If someone you love recently passed away, Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home and Crematory offers our deepest condolences and sympathies.

The options for today’s funeral services are unlimited.  At Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home and Crematory we can provide: Floral arrangements, video tributes, music, viewings, visitations and personalized celebrations of life in a way that you and your family will remember with love for generations to come.

Our funeral directors are experienced with the funeral traditions of all faiths.

Every family has different needs, and at Evergreen, we have the resources, skills, and experience to meet your needs. We will work with you to put together a funeral/memorial service that includes your religious and/or cultural traditions, along with your personal preferences and we have options that will fit any budget.

Funeral Options

At Evergreen, we provide personalized and meaningful services to all our clients in the Jacksonville community. All are welcome to use our services at Evergreen. Evergreen is the resting place of many religious, ethnic and heritage groups. A variety of pricing and memorialization options gives families the opportunity to create a special place of rest for their loved ones.

A funeral or memorial service is an opportunity to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away – this can be a religious or sectarian celebration. The funeral/memorial service is more for the living than the dead as it’s a gathering to bring comfort and closure to those in mourning.

Below, we are sharing many of the common funeral service options that we provide.  If you require services that are not on this list, we at Evergreen would be happy to talk with you about options to accommodate you and your family.

Church service – A church service is a service at your church or temple of choice; this is a religious ceremony where a casket or urn is present. This service includes readings, eulogies, and music.  Often, the religious beliefs dictate if a person will be buried in a casket or cremated. A visitation (or wake) with the deceased in a casket or cremated remains in an urn usually occurs sometime before the service.

Chapel service – This service can be religious or non-religious and occur at our funeral chapel with the casket or urn. This is a formal service. This service includes readings, eulogies, and music.   Just like with the church service, a visitation with the deceased present usually occurs before the chapel service.

Visitation/Wake – A visitation can be a formal or informal gathering at our funeral home with a casket, urn, or merely photographs/memorabilia of your loved one. Many choose to have a visitation without a funeral service. During a wake/visitation, people may come as they please to view the deceased or the urn and speak to the family. During a wake/visitation, pictures and slideshows are on display and music may be played.

Memorial Service – This service takes place at the funeral home or at a home or an event space without a casket or urn. Instead, there are photographs and memorabilia present to honor the loved one. Because there is no casket or urn present, the memorial service does not have to happen as quickly as a traditional church or chapel service and may take place anytime later.

Graveside service – This is a religious or non-religious gathering at the burial site of a casket or urn.

Many people choose to combine a few of the above services to honor their loved one and his/her wishes. At Evergreen, we will help you choose which services are best for you, and we will work with you on the planning, timing, and arrangement of the services.

Casket, Urn Options

There’s a lot to consider when picking out a casket, so we recommend you do this earlier in life, so your loved ones don’t have to do it last minute.

The type of casket you choose is a way to honor yourself/loved ones. The casket will be the body’s final resting place. Below, we’ve shared some things you need to consider when choosing a casket. We also understand that some of your decisions will be made based on your budget.

  • What is the purpose of the casket? Will it be buried in the ground? Put in a burial vault? Put in a cremator?
  • What material do you want the casket made from? Wood? Steel? Copper? Bronze? Biodegradable?
  • Do you want ornamental features on the casket? Carvings? Fancy handles?
  • What color do you want the casket to be?
  • What do you want the interior of the casket to be like? Satin? Velvet? Crepe?
  • How thick do you want the metal?

If you are choosing cremation, rental caskets are available. The rental casket is used for display/services/visitation only.

A concrete outer container is required for burials in Duval County and in many cemeteries elsewhere.  A burial vault can help protect the casket from Mother Nature, disturbances in nearby ground, and the settling of the earth/grass over and around the casket.  It can carry a waterproof warranty for up to 100 years.

You also have many choices to for an urn, as well, that can be delivered to a funeral, memorial service, or visitation. Just like a casket, your decision will depend on where this urn will be placed. For more information on urns or the cremation process, visit our Jacksonville Cremation Services page.

Burial Options

When you choose the casket, you usually have a burial option in mind. At Evergreen, we offer traditional burial spaces, mausoleum entombment, and private mausoleums. An urn can also be placed in any of these options, as well as in our beautiful cremation garden.

The decision of where your want your loved one to rest is up to you and your loved ones. If you need advice or guidance, we are happy to help.

In a traditional burial space, we can place a casket or urn. We offer single-grave lots, companion monument lots, family estates, and natural burials. A natural burial is a burial that includes no embalming, a biodegradable casket, and a natural burial vault

Mausoleum entombment is an above-ground building that memorializes many people; this building is secure and dry. The casket/urn doesn’t touch the ground/dirt. In our cemetery, we have the Garden Cloister Mausoleum and Community Garden Mausoleum, which are beautiful settings for memorialization. The Garden Cloister Mausoleum, site of Evergreen’s landmark carillon bell tower, contains above-ground entombment and cremation urn niches. The Community Garden Mausoleum is located on the grounds near gate six. The Stations of the Cross Mausoleum is in the St. Mary’s Catholic section of Evergreen.

A private mausoleum is like a public mausoleum except it’s strictly for a limited number of members of a single family.  These are personalized and customized. With a private mausoleum your loved ones stay together, you have complete privacy, you can visit in a quiet, climate-controlled setting, it’s above-ground, and always dry.

Evergreen as Your Quality Funeral Service Provider

Choosing a place to bury and memorialize your loved one can be overwhelming. You want to choose a place that you can trust and that is reputable. At Evergreen, we have been honoring lives since 1880. For over 130 years, families have entrusted us with the privilege of honoring the lives of their departed loved ones.

Our grounds have more than 100 years of burial capacity remaining. The cemetery is covered by a beautiful tree canopy. The 167 acres of grounds are impeccably kept. There are many senators, governors, war veterans, and business and civic leaders buried here, as well as everyday citizens. We are proud to memorialize all people in the most caring and respectful way possible.

Our serene grounds offer a full array of memorial options and services. We are Jacksonville’s oldest and most prestigious operating cemetery. However, we are not just a cemetery, we are also a funeral home and crematory.

By combining a cemetery, funeral home, and crematory, Evergreen can offer families cost savings along with the convenience of making all their arrangements in one location. Most people who are memorialized at Evergreen pre-planned their funeral and burial arrangements prior to their deaths. The decision to pre-plan is a wise one for emotional and practical reasons.

Call us at  (904) 353-3649 or email to talk more about our funerial and burial services in Jacksonville, Florida.

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