Sending off Your Loved One: How to Plan a Memorial Service

Sending off Your Loved One: How to Plan a Memorial Service

Planning a memorial service can be an uplifting, emotional, and often exhausting experience. It is also highly personal, with your decisions influenced by your life experiences, your relationship with the deceased, what the deceased desired or what you desire for yourself after death, what you can afford, and many other factors.

Whatever your reason for learning more about funeral services, some helpful advice can make the planning process go more smoothly. Let’s get started and we’ll guide you through the steps of planning a memorial service:

Find a Site for the Memorial Service

When it comes to selecting a location, you should consider your budget and the number of people you expect to attend. Memorial services can be held anywhere, but they are most commonly held in family homes, church halls, community centers, pubs, social clubs, or even outside. Perhaps your loved one enjoyed nature, in which case a visit to the local park or their favorite beach would be a nice touch.

If your loved one held religious beliefs, a memorial service at a place of worship might be appropriate. Your spiritual leader may be willing to have a memorial service with the ashes present rather than the coffin.

Choose a Date That Is Convenient for You and Your Family

A memorial service can be held whenever it is convenient for you and your family. Many people will have a memorial service in the weeks following the funeral, on the birthday of their loved one, or the first anniversary of their death.

While some families choose to hold both a traditional funeral and a memorial service later, others prefer to have a memorial service at the crematorium or cemetery instead of a funeral service.

Invite Those You Want to Attend

Social media is the most convenient and cost-effective way to invite people. But if you want to keep it private, create a private Facebook event and invite only close friends and family. If your loved one belonged to a larger social circle or community, you might want to make a public post outlining the date and location, as well as explaining that everyone is welcome to come and pay their respects. If you intend to host a reception following the service, you should ask people to RSVP so that you can plan catering accordingly.

Pick a Theme

It might be a touching idea to choose a theme for the memorial service in honor of something your loved one was passionate about or for which you will remember them. Selecting a theme allows you to connect with your loved one while also making the event memorable.

Perhaps your loved one had a favorite hobby, a favorite sports team, a passion for their profession, or even a favorite TV show. You can reflect the theme in various ways, including decorations, location, and music selection. You could even request that guests wear your loved one’s favorite color.

Select a Leader for the Service

It is best to have a confident speaker or someone with experience speaking in front of large groups lead the service smoothly. Remember that this will be an emotional day, which is why choosing a leader will help to keep the service on track. Remember that other guests can participate in the schedule by reading or giving a speech.

Organize the Order of Service

You should plan the service order ahead of time to ensure the service runs as smoothly as possible. Preparing a sequence for any readings, speeches, or music will be part of this. Some people will even create a printed booklet to hand out to visitors.

Make a Photo Memorial

Unlike a funeral service, a memorial service does not include the presence of the deceased’s body. Some people prefer to display photos of their loved ones instead.

You can choose to display a single portrait or invite guests to bring their favorite photo of the deceased to create a memory board of the departed’s life. If the service takes place in a location with technical capabilities, prepare a slideshow or video in memory of the deceased.

Give Your Loved Ones the Send-Off They Deserve!

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience, and planning for the memorial service can be tiring. We hope you found our guide to planning a memorial service beneficial.

If you need more guidance and advice, our Jacksonville funeral home can help arrange a funeral. Evergreen JAX is here to help you in this grieving time and allow you to focus on coping with the loss of a loved one. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help!

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