July 2020

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“Life” by C. Adrian Pillars, 1924
Cummer Mausoleum
Egyptian Revival Style


Charles Adrian Pillars is one of the people laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery who made artistic contribution to the city of Jacksonville. Born in Illinois, he attended the Art Institute of Chicago and first came to Florida in 1894, where he operated an art studio and school in St. Augustine, and taught at the Ringling School of Art. He was nationally recognized as one of the three greatest sculptors of his day. Nationally, he is recognized for having two statues representing Florida in the National Statuary Hall Collection in Washington D.C. In Jacksonville, he is best known for his bronze statue titled “Life” in Memorial Park on Riverside Avenue, completed in 1924. This sculpture, surrounded by a fountain, memorializes the 1,200 soldiers from Florida who perished during the First World War. He is laid to rest with his family in Section GW of Evergreen Cemetery.

From the Desk of the General Manager

The Egyptian Revival style is a style that has permeated all aspects of American art and architecture since the early 1800’s. The style also had an association with funerary monuments. Several examples of the Egyptian Revival style of architecture and cemetery monuments can be found in Evergreen. The family of Arthur G. Cummer, the first president of The Evergreen Cemetery Association, has an impressive family mausoleum that was designed in the Egyptian Revival style. There are also other monuments throughout the cemetery in the style.

Please contact our office if you would like one of our family counselors to take a tour of the cemetery and they would be happy to show you some examples of this popular style.

Michael D. Ondina
General Manager

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