May 2020

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As an existing property owner, receive a 10% savings on pre- arranged funeral or cremation package plans with Evergreen Funeral Home and Crematory.

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From Our Maintenance Partner: The Davey Tree Expert Company

The temperatures are on the rise and the rain is coming down some days. Davey wants to help you get your list together with outdoor activities such as planting and turf. This is the time to put down some weed & feed fertilization so that the weeds go away and the grass looks green and healthy, and even have your neighbor a little jealous too.

They sell weed & feed at your local home improvement stores or you can have a company take care of it for you if you want to sit back and relax. But please don’t forget about the bugs such as chinch bugs, which can destroy your yard in a short period of time, and the fire ants that are always an issue. So let’s talk about food, such as vegetables. It’s time to get that garden started so you can have vegetables for you and your family to enjoy. You can grow them in a pot or if you have a special area laid out for your garden, but now is the time to get the plants in the ground so they can start producing food. Spring is always a great time of year with everything blooming and pollen in the air causing everyone to have itchy eyes and runny noses, so please remember to take that allergy medicine. But our favorite part of planting is spring flowers. We like multi-colored annuals and that way everyone have their favorite colors growing. Make sure you pick an annual that can take the high temps so they don’t die off due to the heat.

Dennis Bruner
Branch Manager
The Davey Tree Expert Company


Many of the people laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery have made great contributions to the development of Jacksonville throughout the last two centuries. One of whom is Ruth Newell Upson, a venerable teacher who devoted her life to her students. Born in Syracuse, NY, she moved to Jacksonville in 1885. She attended the St. Johns Church school and graduated from the University of Florida, at which time her teaching career began in 1903. In 1916 she became the principal, along with two other teachers and 43 students, of the former Murray Hill Elementary. This is one of Jacksonville’s oldest schools, and ultimately the neighborhood petitioned for the school to be renamed to Ruth N. Upson Elementary in honor of her efforts and dedication. The school flourished to over 1,000 students during her administration, and she retired in 1949 after 46 years as an educator. Ruth Upson’s final resting place is in historic Section B of Evergreen Cemetery.

Ruth Newel Upson
Flame of Freedom

Did You Know?

The Flame of Freedom at Evergreen’s Main Street Entrance was moved from its original location outside the former Duval County Courthouse in Downtown Jacksonville in June of 2014.


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