Natural Burials: How They Work and Should You Arrange One

Natural Burials: How They Work and Should You Arrange One

Our time in this world is limited, so we must do our best to live our life to the fullest. Once our time is up, we will bother the family members we leave behind for the last time because they will arrange a ceremony for us and carry on our memories. While a standard funeral is typically done, many families are looking into other options, such as natural burial.

A natural burial is a funeral where the deceased is buried without embalming, burial vaults, or other artificial materials that could harm the environment. Instead, the body is placed in a biodegradable material or a natural container and buried in a plot that promotes growth. This allows the body to decompose naturally to help to restore the balance of the local environment. Despite this, many people do not consider natural burials because they want to stick to tradition since it is what they are used to. However, times change, and a natural burial has more advantages than drawbacks.

The Effect of a Natural Burial on the Environment

Harmony with nature is the guiding principle in natural burials. Nothing about a natural burial will impede a body’s decomposition because the goal is to minimize the environmental impact, including leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Generally, the deceased is placed in a biodegradable container or coffin intended to disintegrate with no lasting evidence or a simple cover of organic fabric such as cotton. It is then placed in a hole prepared by hand, not a machine-assisted tool like an electric or gas-driven device.

On the other hand, a traditional funeral has the potential to be damaging to the environment. Preserving the body with embalming fluid can cause formaldehyde and other hazardous compounds to leak into the soil and water. Furthermore, producing non-biodegradable caskets and burial vaults necessitates energy and resources each year.

How Natural Burials Are Done

Unlike traditional burials, natural burials can be done in different ways, such as:

Home Burial

Home burial is the simplest way to have a natural burial. It involves burying the body on the family’s property, typically in a shallow, biodegradable container. This method allows families to connect closely with the deceased and create a personalized memorial.

Green Burial

Green burials involve burying the body in a green cemetery. These cemeteries are created explicitly for natural burials and are designed to be completely sustainable and environment-friendly. The bodies are buried in biodegradable caskets or shrouds in a green cemetery, and no embalming fluid is used.

Conservation Burial

Conservation burial is a type of natural burial that involves burying a body on land that has been set aside for conservation and preservation. This burial helps protect and restore natural habitats while providing a final resting place for the deceased. Most often, conservation burials also involve trees being planted over the burial site, and the cemetery may be managed to help promote the growth of native plants and wildlife.

Is It Legal?

Natural burials are legal, but all states have different regulations regarding them. In certain areas, it is only permitted in recognized cemeteries. In other places, it can be done on private land as long as specific rules and regulations are adhered to. It may also be necessary to hire a licensed funeral director based on the state’s requirements.

In short, natural burial is allowed wherever it is permitted by law. Because of this, you must know all the regulations in your area before arranging a natural burial.

Should You Arrange One?

Whether or not you should arrange a natural burial depends on your individual beliefs and values. If you are environmentally conscious and want to minimize the impact of your funeral on the planet, a natural burial may be the right choice.


A natural burial is a perfect solution for those who wish to keep their final resting place as natural and untouched as possible. Since natural burials involve minimal embalming and no chemical treatments, they are much more eco-friendly than traditional burials. Ultimately, the decision to arrange a natural burial should be based on your personal beliefs and values.

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