Things to Consider When Picking a Mausoleum as a Burial Option

Things to Consider When Picking a Mausoleum as a Burial Option

When it comes to funeral planning, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the most significant choices refers to the type of burial you want. That said, if you’re considering a mausoleum, there are a few things you should first keep in mind.

First of All, What Is a Mausoleum?

A mausoleum is a large, impressive tomb or grave. The term can be traced back to the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, a famous tomb in Turkey that holds the body of King Mausolus. The Taj Mahal in India is also a well-known example of this.

Mausoleums are commonly built to house the remains of one or more individuals. They are usually above-ground structures built out of stone or brick, with a roof and multiple chambers. The chambers may be used to house coffins or, in some cases, the bodies of the deceased. They are often decorated with stained glass, mosaics, or other artwork and may be located in cemeteries or standalone structures.

How Do They Work?

A mausoleum is a building that contains crypts, which are small rooms where caskets or urns are stored. The crypts are sealed to protect the remains from the elements and provide a clean and dry method of burial. Depending on the type of mausoleum, the crypts can be permanently sealed or resealable.

The Various Mausoleum Options That You May Choose From

There are different types of mausoleums that you may choose from. Each of them has its own benefits and price points. Below are just some of the most notable examples.

1. Public Mausoleums

Public mausoleums are structures that contain the tombs of multiple individuals. They are similar to public cemeteries and allow anyone to be entombed within them. They come in various shapes and sizes, and many public mausoleums offer columbarium niches to store cremated remains. They are also designed to be visited by the living, so that family and friends can pay their respects to their loved ones at any time.

Some people believe that mausoleums are only for the wealthy, but that is not always the case. There are many small, simple, and even homemade mausoleums.

2. Private Mausoleums

A private mausoleum is a structure used to house the remains of one family or group. These structures are designed to be long-lasting and can accommodate traditional burial and cremation preferences.

A private mausoleum is a beautiful way to reflect a family’s unique heritage. These structures can be found on private property or within a cemetery. It is also a great way to create a permanent tribute to lives well-lived.

3. Garden Mausoleum

A garden mausoleum is a type of mausoleum that is located outdoors. It usually has niches for cremated remains as well as traditional burial sites. Many people choose this type of mausoleum because it is often beautifully landscaped.

4. Companion Crypts

A companion crypt is a type of above-ground tomb that is designed for two or more people. It comes in a variety of designs and can be made from different materials. They can be arranged vertically or side-by-side, depending on the people’s preference. Pre-assembled private mausoleums that have space for one to six people are also available for purchase.


There are various mausoleums to choose from. To help you pick the right one, discuss the options with all your loved ones or family members so that when the time comes, you or a family member may be able to fulfill which option would be used by the end.

Take note of all the variants above and see which one may serve as the perfect tribute to you or a loved one.

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