Considerations for Planning a Moment of Sharing at a Funeral

Considerations for Planning a Moment of Sharing at a Funeral

Funerals are when the people who loved the deceased would come together, pay tribute, and exchange stories. For some, especially for the immediate family and loved ones, this time is incredibly important. Being surrounded by people can ease the pain and allow them to grieve in a healthy manner. To make the moment extra special, family members may decide to have a moment of sharing where people are encouraged to tell anecdotes about the deceased. 

If you are undecided whether you should host one or not, here are some questions that can help you decide:

How Long Do You Want the Sharing Service to Last?

One of the crucial things you need to decide on is the duration of the moment of sharing. Are your guests okay with an extended program, or would you rather have it brief and quick? 

You probably already know that the remarks can be long, awkward, and sometimes too emotional when people speak about someone. If you cannot accommodate everyone, you might want to limit and choose the speakers beforehand. You may also opt not to hold a sharing session if time does not permit. 

How Formal Would You Like the Event to Be?

The formality of the event can also affect the program. Among all the traditions observed during funeral gatherings, the moment of sharing is generally less formal. Therefore, if you plan to have a formal gathering, a time for sharing might not be ideal. 

If the family prefers a not-so-formal gathering, open sharing can be a perfect part of the program. Exchanging stories and memories is the best way to lighten up the mood and make the event more personal.  

Do the Family Members Currently Have a Good Relationship?

If the family situation is a bit shaky at the moment, then gathering together to share good memories about your deceased loved one might not be the best at this point. Otherwise, you may end up with lots of drama that no one might not be able to handle. The same rule applies if some guests currently have a sensitive relationship with the rest of the family members. 

Will There Be a Reception After?

If the service is separate from the reception, you might want to consider placing the sharing time in the reception instead. With this kind of setup, guests who wish to witness or participate in the sharing session can stay and attend the reception. Meanwhile, those who need to leave may freely go. 


No one is ready to lose a loved one, but may this article help you decide and prepare what your next steps should be. No matter the type of sharing program you come up with, the most important thing is the beautiful anecdotes people will share. Just make sure you advise all the guests ahead if you plan to proceed so they could have ample time to prepare themselves and reflect on the times they shared with your loved one. 

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