A List of Sympathy Gifts to Consider Instead of Flowers

A List of Sympathy Gifts to Consider Instead of Flowers

In many cultures, sending flowers to the family of a deceased person is a way to express condolences and sympathy. This can be done by sending flowers directly to the bereaved family or the funeral home so they can be included in the service. This is a longstanding tradition that is still upheld today.

Rather than sending a bouquet, you may want to find a unique way to show your care and sympathy. Maybe you know that the grieving person wouldn’t appreciate flowers, or you don’t want to waste money on something that will eventually wilt and die. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of alternatives that can demonstrate your compassion and understanding.


Candles are a unique way to honor someone who has passed away. You can buy candle holders and gift sets specially designed to be a comforting reminder of the person who has died. These can have a meaningful quote, symbol, or image inscribed on them or be in the shape of an angel, star, or dove. You can also choose a calming aromatherapy candle to help bring peace and relaxation.

Charity Donation

Rather than buying a physical gift, consider donating to a charity that would have been meaningful to the deceased. Select a cause that they cared about and make a contribution to their memory. This way, you can help support a cause that was important to them and honor their memory.

Custom Item

Gifting someone who is grieving something that is both special and comforting can be effective. A special blanket, pillow or stuffed animal can be embraced, providing both physical and emotional solace. These items can be found with meaningful sayings about grief embroidered on them, making them even more distinctive.

Goodies Basket

Cooking meals for someone who has recently experienced a loss is an excellent way of providing them with comfort and support during a difficult time. Instead of sending flowers to express sympathy for someone who has experienced a loss, you could send a basket of goodies. Whether it is muffins, candy, or fruit, it is a thoughtful way to show your condolences. Include a heartfelt message to the recipient with your gift.

Potted Plant

Flower arrangements are a common way to mark special events or to commemorate the passing of a loved one. Unfortunately, these arrangements don’t last forever, and eventually, the flowers will wilt and die. This can be a difficult thing to accept, as it can feel like it marks the end of someone’s life and that they are truly gone.

Sending a potted plant as a gift can be a great way to provide long-term comfort and care to someone who is grieving. Choose a plant that is easy to care for and doesn’t need a lot of water, such as a Jade Plant, Crown of Thorns, or succulent. This way, the recipient can enjoy the gift even after the flowers have died.


Sympathy gifts are a thoughtful way to show your care and support for someone going through a difficult time. They are a meaningful way to honor the memory of a lost loved one or to express your condolences. There is no one-size-fits-all sympathy gift, and it’s essential to consider the recipient’s individual needs and preferences when selecting a meaningful gift. 

A great way to find the perfect sympathy gift is to look for items that provide comforts, such as cozy blankets, books, photo frames, and jewelry. Whichever sympathy gift you choose, it’s sure to bring warmth and hope to someone’s difficult time.

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