The Financial Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services

The Financial Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services

Funeral services are an expense. To be perfectly honest, funeral services are usually a large expense, and without preparation, loved ones can be surprised by the price tag of everything involved.

Fortunately, there are ways to you and your loved ones manage the finances of your funeral services. By pre-planning you (or a loved one’s) funeral services, you can experience significant savings. Yes, some deaths are sudden and unexpected, especially those that happen to children or healthy, young adults, so preparation may not occur; however, if you or a loved one has entered your later years in life or are extremely sick, it’s in your best interest to preplan the services.

These days, many funeral homes work with people and families to preplan funeral services, cremation services, and memorials. At Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home & Crematory , we work with people to preplan there services. Preplanning allows you to make your own decisions on the services will include, give you more financial options, and take away some financial responsibility and decision making from family members once you’ve passed.

Here we’ve included some financial benefits to preplanning your funeral in advance:

  • As years pass, funeral services costs increase. If you plan your services now, your services are based on current rates, which can save you and your family thousands of dollars.
  • Preplanning allows you to plan for exactly what you want without spending money too much or not enough. You choose and control the budget when planning ahead. You don’t have to worry about family members spending too much or forgetting to purchase something.
  • When planning ahead, you can often work with a funeral home to create a payment plan where you owe in installments rather than pay a large lump sum.

You can work with the funeral director and staff to find different ways you can financial plan and get the best deal while planning your services. Every individual’s financial situation is different, and our team at Evergreen want to work with you to help you plan the funeral services you want without getting into financial troubles. We look forward to helping you with a financial plan.

Looking for a Funeral Home in Jacksonville, Florida?

Planning a funeral ahead of time for you, or a loved one, isn’t a “fun” activity, but it can reduce financial and emotional stress on you and your family.

Our team at Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home & Crematory in Jacksonville, Fl, knows every family has different needs, and we can help you create proper services that reflect your wishes and fit within your budget.

Whether you’re looking for a burial or cremation or funeral reception services, we will work with you from start to finish throughout this process in your time of need.

We have served the Jacksonville community since 1880. We provide personalized and meaningful funeral services in Jacksonville and cremation services in Jacksonville to our clients in the community.

If you have any questions about funerals, cremations or burials, please reach out to us. We want to help you plan services without the worry of a financail burden.

If you’re looking for a funeral home in Jacksonville, Florida, Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home & Crematory can help you with the process every step of the way.  Call us at 904-353-3649 for more information, or visit our funeral home Jacksonville, FL contact page.

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