Turning Roses & Other Flowers from the Funeral Into Mementos

Turning Roses & Other Flowers from the Funeral Into Mementos

Holding a funeral helps us remember a family member, close friend, or acquaintance who has passed. There are plenty of emotions all around, but the most important purpose of the gathering that we shouldn’t lose sight of is being able to keep a deceased person’s memory alive.

Preserving flowers and turning them into mementos is often a practice that creates a keepsake for a special time in your life. Consider taking different flower arrangements and bouquets that were featured at the funeral to serve as a token of your loss and remembrance of your loved one. Continue reading to learn more.

What Do the Funeral Flowers Represent?

Various flowers are given at a funeral, with the most common thing between them being white or lighter colors. Some funeral flowers offered at the cemetery may commonly be the favorite of the deceased, making it more special to turn into a memento.

The most popular choice for a funeral is white roses though, which represent innocence and peace. Lilies are also staple funeral flowers as they usually depict rebirth and purity, while chrysanthemums showcase grief, loyalty, and everlasting love. 

How Do You Preserve Funeral Flowers?

Before picking out what kind of souvenir the funeral flowers will be, it’s best to choose a preservation method first. There are a variety of methods that you can utilize to dry out the funeral flowers, but here are some common choices:

  • Pressing. Pressing the rose petals in a book is one of the most common ways of preserving flowers, as it’s quite straightforward with little room for error. 
  • Air Drying. Air drying funeral flowers by leaving them upside down in a warm area for a week or so is also quite simple, but this method certainly takes more time than others.
  • Silica Gel. Silica gel, which works best for roses and other funeral flowers with fewer and thinner petals, entails putting the flower in a container with silica gel to dry out. 
  • Food Dehydration. If you’re looking for the fastest way to dry out the flowers, using a food dehydrator and setting it at a low temperature for the blossoms should work best.

How Are Funeral Flowers Turned Into Mementos?

Once the funeral flowers are dried out, you can turn them into any kind of memento that you would like. There are endless possibilities of how you’re going to utilize the petals, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Frame Press. Having the petals of the flowers pressed into a memorial frame is quite simple, as you can keep it in a cabinet or a box of other memorabilia of your loved one. 
  • Bookmark. Another ideal way to make use of the flowers is to create a thin bookmark for reading, gluing the petals onto a high-quality paper before laminating.
  • Accessories. If you want to have the funeral flowers with you all the time, try to consider making a necklace or pocket watch out of them with resin. 
  • Decorative Ornament. If you want to have the funeral flowers displayed next to the urn, consider having a memorial candle or paperweight that features the petals.


Losing a loved one isn’t easy, but creating these mementos can help with coping. It’s important to know that even if these people are no longer with us, our grief does not erase our ability to remember and love them. 

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