What Kind of Flowers Should I Give to a Grieving Family?

What Kind of Flowers Should I Give to a Grieving Family?

Buying a token for the bereaved family may sometimes be a challenge. A funeral is not a happy occasion, so what will be an appropriate gift to get the family? 

One timeless way to give your love to a grieving family is to give them flowers. However, getting the right bouquet is easier said than done! Although everyone knows that the Victorian language of flowers exists, not everyone knows exactly which flowers mean what. 

This is why this blog post will shed some light as to the most appropriate flowers to give during a funeral.

Paying Your Respects: Different Types of Flowers You Can Give

Just inform your florist that you need the bouquet for a funeral! Skilled florists will know how to make the perfect bouquet for any need, whether it be a joyous or melancholy event. If you want to give a bouquet of flowers but do not know which flowers to tell your florist to include, then here is a list of flowers that you can include in your bouquet:


Roses are beautiful flowers that may be used to express a variety of different emotions. Depending on their color, roses may carry different meanings! Red roses convey feelings of love and courage. Pink roses send feelings of appreciation and grace. Yellow flowers may symbolize the bond people share with one another. Think of which color is most appropriate for your relationship to the deceased one’s family, and act accordingly!


Carnations are often used in sympathy wreaths that may be given during funerals. Just as with the roses, the colors of the carnations may also be used to signify different emotions as well! Red carnations signify affection, and white ones mean remembrance.


Lilies are one of the most popular funeral flowers. They have a heavy religious significance as it is said that the Virgin Mary’s tomb was covered in lilies. These flowers carry the symbolism that a person’s innocence is restored in the soul of the person who passed.


Orchids are flowers that usually last a long time, even if they are put in a bouquet. This is why the meaning they carry is that of “I will always love you.” This may be something that you want to say to the bereaved family. Adding this flower to your funeral bouquet may be a wise and purposeful choice.


In many cultures, these flowers are a favorite when it comes to expressing sympathy and grief. Throughout Europe, chrysanthemums are used to decorate a grave. These beautiful and cheerful-looking flowers may seem like an odd choice for a funeral, but you will find sense in the meaning they carry. They represent cheerfulness and mean to uplift the tribute to the person who passed away. 


At the end of the day, you do not have to overthink this too much! Choosing a bouquet of flowers that have one or more of the flowers mentioned in the list above will already be a great gesture for the family. After all, what matters most will be your presence! A grieving family will appreciate the fact that you came to pay respects to their loved one more than which flowers you choose to put in the bouquet you hand over to them during the funeral.

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