What to Wear to a Funeral: Everything You Need to Know

What to Wear to a Funeral: Everything You Need to Know

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to funeral services is “what people should wear to the funeral?”. While this may seem like a simple question to answer, there is a slew of different things you should consider. To help you out with this, we thought it would be useful to put together a short discussion on this subject. If this is something that you want to know more about, read on as we break down everything you need to know when figuring out what to wear to a funeral.

What Type of Clothes Should You Wear?

In most cases, guests are expected to dress formally during funerals. This means women should be in dresses or pantsuits and men should be in a suit or a long-sleeved shirt with a collar. The same goes for footwear as sneakers, flip flops, and athletic shoes are usually frowned upon. Remember, funerals are a solemn occasion so you’ll want to dress as respectfully as possible.

There are exceptions to the things we mentioned above. All funerals are different and you’ll want to respect the decisions of the deceased and their family. If the dress code for the funeral is more casual, you should oblige them to the best of your abilities. If the dress code is unclear, it would be best to ask the funeral director.

What Colors Can You Wear?

Aside from the type of clothes that guests should wear, you should also put some thought into the colors of your clothes. Traditionally, people tend to gravitate towards dark colors. Colors such as black, dark gray, and dark blue are common for funeral services. While it’s less common, colors such as brown, gray, and earthy colors are also acceptable. For the most part, guests should avoid wearing bright colors such as pink, yellow, and orange.

With that being said, different types of funerals approach the subject of color differently. In the case of celebrations of life, the colors that are acceptable to wear change drastically. For celebrations of life, guests are encouraged not to wear black (and other dark colors) as these types of funerals are more lighthearted. For funerals like this, we recommend making use of brighter colors for your outfits. With that being said, be sure to keep things respectable as the person’s grieving family will be in attendance.

Ways to Incorporate Color in Your Outfit?

Even when the funeral calls for the use of darker colors, there are still respectful ways to incorporate some lighter colors into your outfit. For men, adding a tie that features a simple bold color should be enough to mix a little color into your outfit. Women, on the other hand, can add some color by choosing an outfit with patterns or floral designs. These are subtle ways that you can add color to your outfit all while respecting the wishes of the deceased and their family.


At the end of the day, the main thing that you have to remember when choosing an outfit is that you are there to pay respects to the deceased and to show support to their family during this difficult time. As long as you keep this in mind, along with the information that we’ve mentioned above, you should have no problems deciding what to wear to a funeral.

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