The process of choosing the right cemetery for your loved one can feel overwhelming, as this decision will have a lasting impact on the memories and emotions associated with their final resting place. As you evaluate your options, several factors must be considered, from location and environment to religious affiliation and personal preferences. By taking the time to research and understand these aspects, you can make an informed choice that honors your loved one’s wishes and provides peace of mind for you and your family.

In this informative checklist, we will guide you through six essential factors to consider when selecting an appropriate cemetery, ensuring that your decision is well-informed and heartfelt. Additionally, we’ll highlight the benefits of choosing a combined funeral home and cemetery, like Evergreen JAX, for a seamless and compassionate planning experience.

1. Location

Selecting a Meaningful and Accessible Resting Place

The location of the cemetery plays a significant role in your decision-making process. Start by considering your loved one’s connections to specific places or regions, as well as their preferences for a rural, urban, or suburban setting. Additionally, accessibility is crucial, as family and friends will likely visit the gravesite on anniversaries, holidays, or to simply pay their respects. Ensure that the cemetery is easily reachable for loved ones, or factor in the possibility of travel in the future as families may move away over time. The proximity of the cemetery to your family’s residence or hometown can help ease the burden of travel and encourage frequent visits.

2. Environment and Aesthetics

Considering the Surroundings and Atmosphere

The beauty of a cemetery’s setting can contribute to the sense of peace and comfort experienced by those visiting their loved ones. Take the time to visit various cemeteries and note the aesthetics and overall atmosphere of each. Consider the presence and condition of trees, flowers, and other natural elements, as well as whether the landscape feels cared for and well-maintained. A visually appealing environment can provide solace and enhance the experience of visiting a loved one’s gravesite.

3. Religious and Cultural Affiliations

Respecting Beliefs and Traditions

Your loved one’s religious beliefs or cultural background may also influence your cemetery choice. Many cemeteries cater specifically to those from a particular faith or cultural heritage, providing burial plots designated for those who share similar beliefs and traditions. For example, some cemeteries designate a section exclusively for Jewish clients and adhere to the specific customs and regulations set forth by Jewish law (source: [Jewish Cemetery Association of North America]( Consider whether your loved one would appreciate being laid to rest in a cemetery with a strong connection to their faith or cultural heritage.

4. Plot Availability and Cost

Weighing Options within Your Budget

The availability and pricing of burial plots within a cemetery are essential factors in your decision. Research the available options for the type of plot your loved one would have preferred, such as single graves, companion plots, or family plots. Keep in mind that pricing can vary significantly depending on location, size, and the type of plot you choose (source: [National Funeral Directors Association]( Additionally, inquire about ongoing maintenance fees, as some cemeteries may require an annual fee for the upkeep of the grave site. By understanding the costs involved and ensuring that they align with your budget, you can help alleviate unnecessary financial stress during this difficult time.

5. Rules and Regulations

Understanding the Cemetery’s Guidelines

Each cemetery has its own set of rules and regulations that govern aspects such as headstone design, landscaping around the plot, and visitation hours. Be sure to inquire about these guidelines and consider whether they align with your family’s preferences and values. For example, some cemeteries may have strict rules about the size, material, or style of headstones, while others may have more flexible options that allow for personal expression and creativity (source: [International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association]( By familiarizing yourself with the various rules and regulations of a cemetery, you can ensure a smooth and satisfactory memorialization experience for your loved one.

6. The Benefits of a Combined Funeral Home and Cemetery

A Seamless and Supportive Planning Experience

Consider the advantages of selecting a combined funeral home and cemetery, like Evergreen JAX, for a comprehensive and seamless experience in planning your loved one’s services. Working with a single provider for both funeral services and burial arrangements can simplify the planning process, enabling you to focus on healing during this emotional time. A combined facility can also provide valuable expertise regarding plot selection, headstone design, and other cemetery-related decisions, while ensuring a consistent level of care and support throughout the entire process.

7. Long-Term Perspectives

Considering the Future of the Cemetery

Lastly, it’s essential to consider the cemetery’s long-term outlook, specifically regarding its commitment to retention and maintenance. Research the cemetery’s history, ownership, and reputation to better understand its dedication to preserving the final resting places of individuals and families. Additionally, inquire about their long-term maintenance plans, including how they address potential issues such as vandalism, weather damage, and general wear and tear of the property. By choosing a reputable and reliable cemetery, you can ensure that your loved one’s gravesite will be well-cared for in the years to come.

By taking these factors into consideration and conducting thorough research, you can make an informed and heartfelt decision, ensuring that your loved one’s final resting place is both meaningful and fitting.


Choosing the right cemetery for your loved one requires careful consideration of aspects such as location, aesthetics, religious and cultural affiliations, pricing, and rules and regulations. By meticulously assessing these factors, you can make a meaningful and informed decision that will gracefully honor your loved one’s memory.

At Evergreen JAX, our compassionate team is here to support you during this challenging time, providing expertise and guidance in selecting an ideal cemetery and supporting you throughout the entire process. As a combination of Jacksonville funeral home and cemetery, we offer a seamless and convenient planning experience that simplifies the difficult task of memorializing your loved one. Reach out to us today to discuss your cemetery options and learn how we can help you honor the life and memory of your cherished family member.

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