4 Things to Keep in Mind When Making Funeral Arrangements

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Making Funeral Arrangements

Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging things a person has to face in life. This complicated process can be made even more complex if you are the one tasked with making funeral arrangements for a beloved family member. It is a challenging ordeal—and one you should not go through alone.

When it comes to arranging a funeral, it helps to know what to expect. Here are four things to keep in mind to help your funeral arrangements go smoothly: 

Lead With Compassion

Planning a funeral for a loved one is not easy. Emotions will run high, and you need to be very gentle with yourself. It is extraordinarily challenging to combine grief with planning intricate logistics of what is essentially a grand family event.

Don’t be afraid to ask other family members or friends for support. A trusted funeral home service provider should also be able to guide you through the most complicated aspects of planning. Don’t rush your decisions, and take frequent breaks when necessary.

The Final Resting Place

One of the main things to consider when planning a funeral is your loved one’s preferred resting place. This is easy to prepare for if they expressed a preference while they were alive. 

If there are documents indicating the deceased’s funeral plans, then all you have to do is to honor their wishes. Meanwhile, if your family has a dedicated plot wherein you will all be buried, then it’s also an easy choice to make and follow. 

However, if your loved one didn’t express their preferences, then you and your family members could decide between burial or cremation—and you will have to choose the vessel that will house the remains. What’s important is to discuss, decide, and stay firm on the non-negotiables!

The Funeral Service

There are many ways you can hold a funeral service. Again, if your deceased loved one expressed his or her wishes for their service, then it should be easy to honor them. If you and your family practice a specific religion, you can plan for Christian, Catholic, Orthodox, and other religious ceremonies to reflect all traditional customs and practices.

A secular service can incorporate your loved one’s personality and preferences. You can keep it as simple as you would like, or you can include unique tributes from surviving family and friends.

Grieving at a Distance 

Not all of the deceased’s family and friends will be able to be physically present at the funeral or memorial services. You will need to consider how they can pay tribute to your lost loved one. An online memorial site can be a way for faraway family and friends to share memories, photos, songs, and other tributes.

During the memorial service, you can read some tributes aloud or make the online memorial site available for attendees to read through. This could be a wonderful way for everyone who loved the deceased to share all your treasured memories.


Arranging funeral and memorial services for a deceased loved one can be difficult, even stressful. With the help of other family members, you can plan and prepare for services where all of you can pay proper tribute to the person you lost. Remember to consider all of your options carefully, and always lead with compassion for yourself and your family members.

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