What to Know About Planning a Traditional Funeral Service

What to Know About Planning a Traditional Funeral Service

Planning a funeral is a difficult process. It is hard to deal with life after death, and even harder to try to pay tribute to a loved one while grieving their loss.

A traditional funeral, where mourners typically gather at a visitation, burial site, and even funeral or memorial service, is one way to pay respect to a loved one. The tradition goes back hundreds of years.

Benefits of a Traditional Funeral Service

Funeral directors believe that the traditional funeral gives a sense of closure for the family of the deceased. In many cases, the traditional funeral is a celebration of the life of the one who has passed.

The traditional funeral also gives friends and family an opportunity to pay respects to the deceased, as opposed to a visitation, where mourners come and go, and do not necessarily take time to pay their respects.

There are many benefits of a traditional funeral, including:

  • Providing a place for mourners to gather to share memories of the deceased
  • Encouraging a sense of closure for participants
  • Allow mourners to find a way to move forward after the death of a loved one
  • Helping mourners feel that their loved ones will not be forgotten
  • Offering a time for those who would not normally have the chance to meet, to share in grief
  • Providing a time for family to give thanks for the life of their loved one

What Is Included in a Traditional Funeral Service?

A traditional funeral service is a service that can be held in a church, funeral home or even a home. In many cases, there are several different parts of a traditional funeral service.

A visitation is when mourners come to pay their respects to the deceased. They may say a prayer before the casket, or place a photo or flower on the casket. There are usually flowers on the casket and in the room, or the funeral home may set out a memorial table. 

This table is usually set up with photos, flowers, and mementos that loved ones want to honor the deceased. In some cases, there is a guest book where mourners can sign their names and leave a message for the family.

Disadvantages of a Traditional Funeral Service

In a traditional funeral service, it is not uncommon that the body of the deceased is in the casket at the visitation and during the funeral service.

The body of the deceased becomes a distraction for some mourners. Some mourners find it difficult to pay their respects to a deceased loved one when the casket is open.

Others feel uncomfortable when the casket is open because they have a fear of being around dead bodies.

Some mourners find a traditional funeral service to be too long, and they do not feel they are able to give their respects while the service is going on.

The traditional funeral service is not for everyone. If you are planning a traditional funeral service, it would be a good idea to consult with a funeral director about what is included in the service. It is also better to know what to expect than to be surprised by something that takes away from the event.


There are many benefits to having a traditional funeral service. They are more than just a way to honor and pay respects to someone; they offer a sense of closure. The traditional funeral service also gives mourners a chance to share memories and celebrate the life of the deceased.

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