What To Know About Scattering Ashes in National Parks

What To Know About Scattering Ashes in National Parks

More and more people now choose cremation over traditional burial. One beautiful thing about it is how you can scatter the cremated remains wherever you want to. If you plan to do this, too, you need to learn about the laws and regulations in your chosen area before proceeding. Some places can give you a fine, especially when you scatter the remains in unauthorized locations. 

If you plan to scatter your or your loved one’s cremated remains in a beautiful location in the US, national parks are one of the best choices. Your favorite getaway destination can serve as your final resting place, and most national parks allow so. However, you must be mindful of each location’s policies about scattering remains. 

This article will enumerate some important rules on scattering ashes in national parks:

For Acadia National Park (Maine)

  • Scattering ashes in this park is allowed and free.
  • You need to get a special use permit beforehand.
  • The erection of monuments would require approval from the Regional Director.

For Crater Lake National Park (Oregon)

  • Scattering of ashes in this park is free of charge, but a permit is required. You may submit your request by sending them an email. 
  • You may need to provide detailed descriptions such as maps, diagrams, and other information to help them evaluate your request better.
  • You cannot scatter the ashes in the following locations: the shore, lakeside of the road, and the Wizard Island.
  • They also have some detailed dos and don’ts, which you can check through this link

For Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

  • If you plan to leave your final remains on this site, be informed that the Grand Canyon permanently suspends the authorizing of this act. The decision was made after the consultation with the 11 associated tribes who have lived in and around the Grand Canyon for thousands of years.

For the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (North Carolina and Tennessee)

  • You only need to accomplish the letter of permission, which you can access through their website. This signed document, listing all of the guidelines, should be brought during the event.
  • If attendees would be 25 people and below, you may proceed with your event. Otherwise, you would need to get an additional special park use permit.
  • Anyone wanting to pre-plan their service should place a copy of the letter with their planning documents.

For the Olympic National Park (Washington)

  • This park allows the scattering of ashes, but like many other national parks, a permit is required. 
  • Should you want to hold a ceremony, you would need to acquire another special permit for it.

For Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)

  • This national park does not require any payment, but families must follow their set guidelines. You may download their application form from their website. 
  • It has no assigned sites for scattering the ashes, but it should be away from the developed areas like picnic areas, campgrounds, parking lots, etc.) and at least 200 feet away from water sources like lakes or streams.  

For Yosemite National Park (California)

  • Scattering cremated remains is permitted in this park. You only need to download the application form and send it to their email address. 
  • The park also set policies to follow, such as scattering the remains only on out-of-sight areas or away from those publicly used locations, such as trails, walkways, and roads. 
  • The park has a chapel that keeps the deceased names in their Book of Memories. 


Memorialization is a vital part of people’s culture and tradition. Providing a permanent resting place for the deceased is a sign of respect for these loved ones. It is also a way of helping the family and friends acknowledge the reality of the occasion and be one step in moving forward with their lives.

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