What to Know About Traditional Cremation Services Today

What to Know About Traditional Cremation Services Today

When it comes to cremating a loved one, there are several options. In such trying times, it’s crucial that you are also making clear decisions that involve your family and loved ones. Thus, before selecting or deciding on a specific cremation service, learn more about it first.

The vast majority of people now understand what cremation is and what it entails. Most individuals are unaware that cremation services come in a variety of bundles. Families can choose simple direct cremation services for their loved ones. On the other hand, they may also opt for cremation followed by a memorial service. Of course, though, getting traditional cremation services is the most usual procedure that offers a more practical approach.

Read on to discover everything to know about traditional cremation services today.

Understanding a Traditional Cremation Service

Traditional cremation services will be reminiscent of traditional burial services as they evolve. They will, in fact, follow traditional funeral procedures until the body is incinerated rather than buried. This way, you can let friends and visitors pay their respects to the body of your loved ones before proceeding with the incineration. Some attendees at traditional cremation services may even be unaware that the deceased will be cremated at the end of the process.

How Traditional Cremation Services Take Place

During a typical cremation, the remains are placed in a casket, which is commonly leased. The family who requested the service can then decide whether to hold a viewing or a funeral ceremony or to forego the viewing altogether and start with the funeral service. In either case, the corpse will remain in the casket for the viewing and funeral, as is usual. This stage can be completed in either a funeral home or a church. Following the viewing and funeral, the body is cremated and the remains are returned to the family.

The Function of Traditional Cremation Services

Traditional cremation services are usually appropriate for people who want a traditional funeral but do not want to bury their loved one who passed away. Furthermore, they are appropriate for religions that need a family to hold a funeral service prior to cremation. The Catholic Church has ordered Catholic families to hold a conventional funeral service before cremation.

The Availability of Traditional Cremation Services

Because traditional cremation is so comparable to traditional burial, almost every funeral home provides it. Before you work with a funeral home, make sure to ask about their traditional cremation options. While some deaths in the family are not anticipated, it might still be helpful to inquire early about a funeral home’s unique cremation services. This way, you will not have difficulty deciding later on.


Dealing with the death of a loved one is always a tough feat to overcome. This is why it’s important to prepare funeral or cremation services ahead of time. With a plan, your period of bereavement can be a little lighter for you and for the people around you. You can also opt to ask for help from friends and family when it comes to hiring professional services worth your time and money.

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