The Five Steps to an Amazing and Meaningful Eulogy

The Five Steps to an Amazing and Meaningful Eulogy

The passing of someone you love never brings easy feelings. Yet, despite the sadness, we can still celebrate that person’s life through a eulogy. But where do you begin in writing a eulogy? What should it contain? What makes a good eulogy?

Eulogizing someone should highlight the way the person lived. It should be concise, direct, and honest. Remember that you are writing a speech about someone else and a funeral isn’t the venue to deliver long speeches. Be mindful of the people attending the service and of their time.

A eulogy can contain anecdotes, significant dates, or even memorable events. Make sure it is a time capsule of the person’s life. It is also a chance to say your final goodbyes. You can even add humor as eulogies don’t have to be only about being sad. Here are some guides in writing a tribute.

  • Outline the speech

Since a eulogy is a type of speech, make sure it is an organized group of thoughts. Outline the things you need to write. In this way, you get to edit the things that go in the speech. Putting your thoughts in sections can help you know which parts go together according to their theme.

It helps to brainstorm ideas and gather information while writing an outline. You can ask friends or relatives to help you out on this part. They can share what they loved most about the person, which should give you enough material to write. You don’t need to use all the information, but it helps to tell the tale.

  • Write an introduction

Start a eulogy with a strong introduction. Make sure that the first part addresses everyone in attendance and your goal in delivering the eulogy. Remember to introduce yourself and how you are related to the person you’re celebrating. Make sure it is quick to allow you to get into the main part right away.

  • Summarize the person’s life

Talk about the person by reintroducing them to the people in the service. You may begin by telling them about the person’s childhood and upbringing. Next, help the people remember the person they once loved. Later on, try to progress and include his life leading to his last days. Finally, talk about the person as a great reminder that they were a person who used to be with us. Make sure to make the people feel that the person is still with us.

  • Include short stories

A great speech is also a great story. Try to incorporate anecdotes about the person in your eulogy. It is always lovely to tell the tale of a great person. You can talk about your best memories, first moments together, or even the fights you had.

  • Comfort the bereaved

End the speech by showing sympathy to the bereaved and thanking the visitors for attending. Offer some words of comfort and make sure that the bereaved family and friends feel how much you valued the person you’re writing.


Even if it is not the best feeling to deliver a eulogy, the message should bring comfort to the family and friends. As your last chance to say goodbye among those who loved the recently deceased, your goal as a writer is to highlight the person’s life. The most important part is to make sure that you humanize the person.

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