Busting 3 Common Misconceptions About Cremation

Busting 3 Common Misconceptions About Cremation

Handling the funeral arrangements after the death of a loved one can be mentally and physically draining, especially since it is often an emotionally-charged journey. Many people have to manage the necessary paperwork to give a proper send-off to a lost family member, friend, or significant other all while juggling with grief, but it can feel worse knowing that the entire ordeal can be financially devastating too. 

No one wants to compromise their final goodbyes with their loved ones, but it’s becoming increasingly in-demand to find ways to pay for funeral services without burning holes in your pocket. With that in mind, cremation services offer a cheaper yet equally compassionate funeral, but many people avoid it due to common misconceptions. 

That’s why we strive to bust these myths so you can open yourself up to a cost-effective option, so long as it is compatible with your personal customs. 

1. You Can’t Have a Traditional Funeral 

One of the biggest reasons many families and friends avoid cremation services is the misconception that you can no longer hold a traditional funeral. On the contrary, many funeral homes offer sophisticated cremation services, allowing you to push through with a memorial service with your chosen urn instead of a casket. 

People also have the choice to hold a funeral before the cremation, along with the option to either bring the remains, bury them in a cremation garden, or even scatter the ashes. 

2. Scattering Ashes is Illegal 

Another myth that prevents people from choosing to cremate their dead loved ones is the legality of the practice. While it’s true that there are many public places that don’t allow the spread of ashes, it’s not necessarily an illegal act, so there are public and private areas that allow this. 

You can consult with your local government to inquire about any restrictions, though there are many funeral homes that offer a dedicated spot where you can spread the ashes. 

3. You Might Mistake Somebody Else’s Ashes 

The thought of burying the ashes of another person sounds horrifying, but you don’t need to worry about mistaking the ashes for someone else’s since the ICCFA has strict guidelines to avoid such a scenario. Digging deeper, the rule states that cremation services are not permitted to cremate more than one human in the same chamber unless the family has given the authorization to do so. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Cost-Saving Benefits of Cremation and How It can still Be an Intimate Way to Say Goodbye 

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