How to Choose an Appropriate Song for a Memorial Service

How to Choose an Appropriate Song for a Memorial Service

Funeral songs can differ, depending on how the family wants to honor their deceased loved one. It can range from a simple recording of an appropriate song to a live choir and a stringed ensemble performance. 

A funeral song is typically played during the entrance or exit of the casket or in between funeral readings and speeches. 

The Purpose of Music in a Funeral

Researchers say that funeral music is helpful in numerous ways. For instance, it helps recall memories of the deceased loved one, provides an adequate feeling of closure that words cannot provide, adds weight to the ceremony’s importance, and imprints a lasting memory on the minds of mourners. 

For the family and friends of the deceased, funeral music can be healing and can calm anxiousness. Music therapy helps relieve depression and reduce the perception of pain, highlighting the importance of music in funerals. 

How to Choose the Right Song

If you’re a funeral program planner or have simply been assigned to choose the funeral song, here are some things to keep in mind in your decision:

1. The Deceased’s Favorite Song

There’s no need to stick to traditional songs typically played at funerals unless it’s a service at a church. One of the songs you should consider is the deceased’s favorite song or one that they’ve enjoyed or often listened to in their lifetime.

2. A Song That Reminds the Family and Friends of the Person

Songs deliver messages and tell stories, and often people associate a song with a loved one. So, you can ask family and friends to suggest songs that might remind them of the person or reflect the deceased’s life, personality, and role. 

It can be as easy as asking the family and friends what their life theme song would be if they had one. 

3. The Theme of the Service

If there’s already a chosen theme for the funeral or memorial service, it’s best to pick a song that fits that theme. For instance, a religious theme must consider Christian funeral songs, Catholic funeral hymns, or simply gospel music.

4. The Performers at the Memorial Service

If you’re not keen on simply playing a song recording, family and friends of the deceased can perform live or simply hire professional musicians for the funeral. You can hire a band, a choir, or even a soloist to perform. 

On the other hand, if you do want to play a recording, you can organize your playlist and verify with the venue that there is available audio equipment for use. Otherwise, you might need to bring your own speakers and music player.


A funeral or memorial service is the last time family and friends can say goodbye to a loved person, so choosing the right song is essential. Be sure to choose one that is appropriate for the service and also approved by the family before deciding on it. There are numerous songs for this event, but be sure to consider the suggestions noted above to make it special and memorable.

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