Common Funeral Home Terminology

Common Funeral Home Terminology

Planning a funeral can be difficult and emotional – your mind is likely spinning. Between the loss of your loved one and figuring out many things, from the funeral to finances to selling a home, you’ve got a lot on your plate. If this is your first time planning a funeral, it can even be more confusing and stressful if you are not familiar with common funeral home terminology. These terms define different rituals or service options that occur during the funeral process.

At Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home & Crematory,  we believe in providing people with a wealth of information on many different topics, and we welcome all questions. For this article, we wanted to provide you with some definitions of some common funeral terms. If you prefer If you prefer a more personal, face-to-face manner of gaining more information, we welcome you to visit us at our offices at 4535 Main Street in Jacksonville or by a phone call to 904-353-3649.

  • Arrangement Room: This is a private meeting space where the arrangement conference is held.
  • Arrangement Conference: This is a meeting where mourners, usually close relatives, gather with the funeral director to plan the services. At this meeting, family members can complete paperwork, as well. Funeral and burial options are reviewed and planned at this meeting.
  • Burial: This is where a loved one’s remains are placed in an underground chamber in a cemetery.
  • Burial Vault: This is an underground unit at the cemetery that is lined and sealed. It is designed to support the integrity of the grave.
  • Columbarium: This is a mausoleum-type building designed to house cremated remains.
  • Display Room: This is a room that shows the selection of caskets, urns, vaults and other items that are available through the funeral home.
  • Committal or Graveside Service: The is the final event of many funeral services, which usually occurs at the grave site. Prayers, remarks and military honors are often presented during this service.
  • Family Room: This area is set aside for the use of immediate family members during the funeral service for privacy.
  • Final Disposition: This is when you decide between burial or cremation as the arrangement for the remains.
  • Interment: This is the act of burying human remains.
  • Inurnment: The is the act of placing cremated human remains in an urn, and then placed in a crypt, niche or other place at the cemetery.
  • Memorial Service: This is like a funeral, except the body of the deceased is not present.
  • Outer Burial Container: This structure is made of metal, concrete or wood that gives support for the casket underground.
  • Preparation Room: This area is where the deceased’s remains are made ready for final disposition.

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