The Importance of Creating an Obituary for Your Loved Ones

The Importance of Creating an Obituary for Your Loved Ones

When a loved one dies, it is customary to place an obituary in the local newspaper. Obituaries describe the story of your loved one’s life, including their interests, hobbies, and passions.

In a time of loss, obituaries serve to celebrate life and a tangible reminder of all the reasons your loved one was so dear to you.

Obituary writing may be difficult work during a stressful moment in your life, but it is an essential one that should not be ignored. Here are some ways obituaries may benefit you and your loved one.

Informing the Public of the Death

While you’ll most likely call relatives and close friends to notify them of your loved one’s death, an obituary—whether digital or in print—is a practical approach to inform those who would otherwise be unaware. 

It’s a public document that others may look up online or in local newspapers to discover more about your loved one, their remaining family members, and their final arrangements.

Additionally, publishing an obituary in the public domain signals to the community that discussing the death with your family is alright. If you don’t have an obituary, you can find yourself constantly relaying the news when you run across anyone you know in public.

Sharing the Final Arrangement Details

When a loved one passes away, it can be challenging to schedule funeral services, let alone notify an endless list of individuals. This information can be included in an obituary and shared with the community to let them know when and where the funeral will be held. 

Those who were close to your loved one but you had never met before would then know about their death. They, too, will be able to gather to honor their life.

If you’d want to donate in your loved one’s honor to their favorite charity or non-profit, you may use this place to share information regarding cash donations or memorial gifts.

Honoring Their History

Obituaries archive family history and honor the memory of a loved one. Most obituaries feature a list of living and deceased relatives and an opportunity to share fun or unusual memories or personality qualities about your loved one.

An obituary is a memorial of your loved one’s life that will not be lost online, unlike a quick social media post. They’re simple to find and will always be accessible via the internet.

Obituaries also function as a substantial piece of remembrance of your loved one’s life that you will always have. 

They can be cut out of the newspaper or printed and stored in a particular location, such as a memory book or picture album, so that future generations can learn about your loved one.

Reminiscing as Part of the Grieving Process

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking, and it might bring up memories of your time with them. Writing an obituary allows you to reflect on those recollections.

An obituary is a memorial to your loved one’s life—who they were, what they did, and how they influenced others. Writing an obituary helps you to reflect on why your loved one was important to you and how they impacted your life, providing you with uplifting moments at a difficult time.


Writing an obituary can be a healing and cathartic process. It allows you to share how your loved one impacted your life. It will enable you to honor their accomplishments and share their legacy with others.

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