Cremation Urn Buying Guide: Top Things You Should Know

Cremation Urn Buying Guide: Top Things You Should Know

More people are choosing cremation for their loved one’s remains. However, going this route calls for one thing—selecting the right cremation urn. They come in different types for various preferences and purposes.

If you want to learn more about cremation storage options and how to pick the right one, keep reading.

What Is a Cremation Urn?

When a cremation happens, it’s the outside layer of the body that’s burned. The cremation urn is supposed to keep the ashes inside intact.

However, just because an urn is used for cremated remains does not mean it is cheap or fragile. Some are made from high-quality materials like ceramic and metal, making them sturdy and long-lasting. The most common cremation urns are made of aluminum, marble, stainless steel, and wood.

How Do You Choose a Cremation Urn Size?

When you choose a cremation urn, you want to consider the size of the deceased. You want the urn to be big enough to hold all the ashes but not too bulky. You also need to consider how you want the cremated remains to be displayed if you already have a plan for it.

What Is Your Budget?

Like any other product, cremation urns come at different prices. The price tag is based on the item’s quality, size, and design.

To choose the right cremation urn, you should set a budget. This is to help you narrow down your options based on your price range. It is best to start with a more affordable cremation urn to test how you feel about it before spending for a premium urn.

As you search for the right cremation urn, you want to check the materials used. If it is made of materials that are not sturdy, it might not be the best choice in the long run. You also want to check for any additional features or add-ons. Make sure that you get your money’s worth by getting the features you need.

What Is Your Purpose for the Urn?

When it comes to choosing a cremation urn, there are various reasons why you would need one. Depending on your situation, you might need more than one cremation urn. Here are some of the most common reasons why people use cremation urns:

1. Biodegradable for Sea Burial

Sea burial is a sustainable and eco-friendly form of disposal. However, sea burial requires a biodegradable urn. Most urns made of metals or other hard materials do not disintegrate fast enough. You want to get an urn made of organic materials or coco shells.

2. Grave or Columbarium Burial

If you intend to bury the ashes of your loved one in a grave or columbarium, you need a more traditional style urn. If you want to keep the ashes in the urn for a long time, you’ll need to consider a more durable material.

3. Home Display

Some people may use a cremation urn as a decorative piece. They may already have a plan where they want to display it. If that’s the case, you might need to get an urn that goes well with the design of your home.

4. Scattering Ashes

Some people may choose to scatter the ashes in a special location. They may want to get an urn that’s small and compact enough to carry along.

Final Thoughts

Cremation urns are a popular choice for the remains of departed loved ones. With so many options available, it is only natural for you to feel a little confused. If you’re looking for a suitable urn for your loved one’s ashes, you have to look at the materials used, your purpose, and your budget.

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