Cremation vs Burial: Understanding Their Pros and Cons

Cremation vs Burial: Understanding Their Pros and Cons

Death is an inevitable part of life. Talking about it can be uncomfortable, but understanding its essence is important to help you prepare your emotions for the important things that come with it, such as celebrating a new life or saying goodbye to a lost one.

Cremations and funerals are ways to memorialize a loved one, and they are a part of your healing process. If both are available to you and you want to learn more which is a better option, it’s important to understand their procedures, pros, and cons.

What Is Cremation?

Cremation is the process of burning the remains and turning them into ashes or bone fragments. The process can take place prior to burial in a traditional funeral.

A cremation puts a full stop at the end of someone’s physical existence. As soon as you scatter all of their ashes, their physical remains are no longer with you. They will exist in an abstract way or become a part of the earth, which can give you a more intimate memory of the person you lost.

Pros and cons

Cremation lets you hold onto a physical token of your loved one and get to keep them in your home. Their ashes can even be placed in a pendant necklace, so you can bring a part of them with you wherever you go. Also, you don’t need a casket, plot of land, or headstone for this. All you need is an urn or any vessel where you can keep their ashes.

While this process is preferred in some parts of the world, it is unacceptable in some religions. For instance, Hindus believe that cremation will cause you difficulty with coping with the loss. Furthermore, since the cremated remains are under your care, it’s your responsibility to protect them and keep them safe at all times.

If you’re seeking cremation services in Jacksonville, feel free to turn to us. We assure you that we document the entire cremation process, and we can guide you throughout every step.

What Is a Burial?

Burying a loved one means you are placing their remains in a casket and putting it in a grave. The direct option does not include body viewing and embalming, while the traditional full-service funeral involves embalming and dressing the body to prepare for the viewing at the service.

Burials are like an ellipsis. This ritual lets you and others outside of your circle of loved ones see the physical remains of the person you lost.

Pros and cons

Burying gives you and others a designated spot where you can visit your loved one. You can also establish a plot of land that you own to build a family site. However, this option can be costly, especially the traditional one. You may also find it challenging to find a location depending on where your other family members are buried.

If this is your preferred ritual, we provide a personalized and meaningful service at our funeral home in Jacksonville. We offer floral arrangements, music, video tributes, viewings, and visitations to celebrate the life of your loved one.


Cremations and burials offer a sense of closure to the life of someone you lost. Regardless of your choice, it’s crucial to rely on a provider who offers quality funeral services when you need them most. The best service providers will keep you and your family’s needs in mind during this troubling time while being professional and efficient with the process.

We understand that losing someone you love is difficult. Let us handle related tasks by heading to our funeral home in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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