A Brief Introduction Into What Exactly a Crematorium Is

A Brief Introduction Into What Exactly a Crematorium Is

When visiting a cemetery, it can be surprising to find different parts of it beyond the burial grounds. However, there really is more than meets the eye when going behind the funeral service of a deceased person. There’s also the crematorium, mausoleums, grave makers, the funeral home, and more, depending on the type of place you go to.

If there’s any part of the cemetery that’s shrouded in mystery, it’s definitely the crematorium. Seeing bodybags enter and having jars of ash exit can be quite the sight to behold. If you want to learn more about what exactly a crematorium is and the process behind it, keep reading.

The Definition Behind a Crematorium

A crematorium is an extension of the cemetery. This facility is dedicated to carrying out cremation, which is simply defined as the body of a deceased person being burned and turned to dust for a funeral service. A crematorium is susceptible to a lot of heat as a brick furnace at more than 1600°F is used. Some facilities may introduce multiple furnaces too.

A cremator is in charge of manning the furnaces and handling the body to be cremated. The fuel can be different for each furnace type, with most using regular coal while others have shifted to using natural gas or oils to get the furnace going.

The Conversation Behind a Crematorium

There are differing opinions about the existence of a crematorium, with some families choosing a traditional burial. However, many have been welcoming the crematoriums as they can be rather flexible, there are fewer restrictions religion-wise, and so on. Families may also choose to be present at the crematorium to witness the process and pay their respects.

It’s important to note that crematoriums are normally regulated and instructed to cremate bodies one at a time. The only exception to that universal rule is when a mother became deceased during childbirth with her stillborn baby.

The Process Behind a Crematorium

Crematoriums don’t necessarily keep the process of cremation in the dark. You may tour or ask the cremators and technicians about how exactly the whole process works if you’re interested in having a deceased loved one cremated.

Here’s a general outline of the process.

Preparation. The body is delivered to the crematorium in a casket as the furnace is prepared for cremation. This doesn’t often take long as the temperature is just being adjusted and set. Once it’s at an optimal temperature, it isn’t advisable to enter the vicinity of the furnace until after the cremation.
Incineration. The incineration time of a deceased person’s body can vary depending on their build and structure. Some can take as short as one hour, while others may have to take about three hours just to get every piece burned.
Containment. After the incineration, the cremated remains of a deceased person are removed of any impurities and pulverized into ash. This ash is then placed in an urn or container for safekeeping.


Many people nowadays wish to be cremated when their time comes. The crematorium and the process behind it can help in fulfilling those wishes. Cremations can be a really solemn way of remembering a person, just like traditional burials.

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