Consider These Crucial Tips For Eulogy Writing

Consider These Crucial Tips For Eulogy Writing

A great eulogy can be written by anyone, but it takes a lot of practice. It, after all, involves many emotions and affects the people around you. When it comes to this task, it may be overwhelming or surprising especially during a time of stress and grief. As such, you are due for some guidelines and suggestions. Read on to discover these top ten crucial tips for writing a eulogy.

Tip: Reminisce only happy memories.

A eulogy is more than just a list of the deceased’s virtues and reasons for your fondness for him or her. It also allows them to recall and share memories with friends and family. Seek help from family and friends if you are having trouble recalling details of a story or if you are unsure of your comprehension. Solicit your loved one’s memories and stories to add to your collection.

Tip: Keep it short and sweet.

A reasonable length is defined as whatever you find comfortable. Some good stories can be told in a page or two, depending on your proximity to the subject, the number of stories you have to tell, and your level of comfort with public speaking. Note that eulogies are not timed, but they are part of an entire service.

Tip: Have it reviewed by someone else. 

Even if you are an excellent writer or speaker, you should have it reviewed by a friend or family member prior to the service. They can help you keep track and edit it. It never hurts to get positive feedback and encouragement from a friend or family member, as this may help you when delivering it to a large group. 

Tip: Keep the listeners in mind. 

If in doubt, leave it out. It is critical not to offend anyone in the audience when writing a eulogy. Thus, you must strike the right balance between what to say and what not to say.

Tip: Practice by reading aloud.

Writing something down and reading it out loud are two entirely different things, especially if you are shy. Check that you can read all of the difficult words and phrases, or replace them with simpler ones. 

Tip: Begin on a light note.

Because you may be emotional on the day of the eulogy, start with a lighthearted or humorous story.

Tip: Speak slowly and gently.

Writing a eulogy pushes you to become fully aware of your feelings for the deceased. It’s possible that your audience isn’t as familiar with the person as you are. Speak slowly and clearly to ensure that everyone in the room understands you and your memories. 

Tip: Try to connect with the audience.

Make an effort to raise your eyes to the audience when speaking. If you are unable to look at anyone directly, you can always sit in the audience. Keeping your head raised rather than looking down at a piece of paper will help your audience hear you better. 

Tip: Wear appropriate attire.

The appropriate attire depends on the service, religion, and family. Determine the appropriate attire for the service, especially if you will be standing in front of everyone including the family and friends of the deceased. 

Tip: Finish with a smile and more fond memories. 

A eulogy writer may believe they have said everything they want to say and are ready to conclude. The conclusion is a great time to either repeat a favorite memory or introduce a new one for your audience to remember. It’s also an opportunity to comfort those who have lost a loved one. 


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing a eulogy, but it is difficult. Thankfully, you now have these crucial tips for when the time comes or if someone you know might need them. If, by chance, you are asked to write a eulogy for a loved one, consider it an honor and a necessary part of the grieving process. Remember to write in love and with honesty.

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