Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions About Water Cremation

Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions About Water Cremation

Water cremation, known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a process that uses water and chemicals to break down a corpse into its basic elements. This method is seen as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation, which uses high temperatures to incinerate the body.

Despite water cremation’s growing popularity, there are still many myths about water cremation. In this article, we will debunk some of the most common misconceptions about this process. Continue reading to learn more.

1) Water Cremation Is Not Legal

Many people believe that water cremation is not legal in the United States. However, this is not the case. Water cremation is legal in various states, and it is currently being considered in several other states.

While water cremation is legal in most states, there are some regulations that vary by state. For example, certain states require that the body be embalmed before it can be water cremated, while others do not have this requirement.

2) Water Cremation Is Not Safe

Another common misconception about water cremation is that it is not safe. However, water cremation is a very safe process, and it is actually much safer than traditional cremation.

Traditional cremation involves the use of very high temperatures, which can release harmful toxins into the air. Water cremation, on the other hand, uses much lower temperatures, which eliminates the release of any toxins.

3) Water Cremation Is Not Eco-Friendly

Speaking of temperatures and toxins, another skewed myth about water cremation is that it is not eco-friendly. However, water cremation is actually a very eco-friendly process.

Water cremation uses much less energy than traditional cremation, and it does not release any harmful toxins into the air. In addition, water cremation actually recycles the water that is used in the process, which makes it even more eco-friendly.

4) Water Cremation Lets Go of Remains

Another common myth about water cremation is that it “lets go” of the remains or that there’s very little of the body left when it goes through these procedures. In other words, some people think that the remains are lost forever in the process.

However, water cremation actually leaves behind a substance called aqua cremains which is a sterile and sanitized bone mineral compound. These aqua cremains are safe for people to handle and produces more substances in comparison to traditional cremation.

5) Water Cremation Is Done Only at Medical Facilities

Another myth about water cremation is that it can only be done at certain medical facilities. While water cremation is still new and not yet widely available, it can be done at funeral homes, as well.

For example, in some cases, funeral homes have their own water cremation equipment on-site. This is why it’s important to ask the funeral home if they offer this option to figure out whether it’s viable for a loved one.


To sum it up, there are many myths about water cremation. If you’re interested in this option for your loved one, you should do your research to ensure you make the best choice for the ones you love.

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