What You Can Do With Your Loved Ones’ Cremated Remains

What You Can Do With Your Loved Ones’ Cremated Remains

You may be wondering what to do with cremation ashes after caring for a loved one’s remains. Many individuals are unaware that there are more options for preserving the remains than simply storing them at home. Not only can arranging a meaningful ash scattering ceremony help you cope with your grief, but it may also be a loving tribute to your loved one.

Here are the things you can do with the cremated remains of your loved ones:

1. Urns, Tissues, and Other Containers

You should look for an urn that will be appropriate and hold the remains of your loved one. Thankfully, there are many cremation urns, vases, and other containers available for you to choose from. Each family will have unique preferences based on their religious, cultural, or personal preferences.

A simple cremation urn made of wood or painted metal can look beautiful and be kept in a beautiful area of your home. This is a moving way to keep your loved one close to your heart.

2. Ash Scattering

Cremation ash scattering is one of the most well known ways to memorialize your deceased loved one. Part of the reason why scattering is so popular is that there are many public venues to scatter ashes. Some of these include national forests, beaches, and amusement parks. If you don’t want to travel far to scatter ashes, a public garden is a great place to visit.

However, if you’d like to stay close to your home, you can conduct a private scattering ceremony or even scatter ashes on your property. If you and your family have a favorite place special to you all, it is possible to scatter ashes there.

3. Burying or Keeping Ashes on Private Property

Burying cremated remains can be comforting if your loved one has a final resting place and you want to be near them when you feel the need. It’s also a great way to save money over expensive burials. Ask your loved one’s funeral director if they will transfer the remains to you, and then you can bury the ashes on your property.

4. Using Ashes to Create Something Meaningful

Many people choose to use the ashes of their loved ones to create something meaningful for them. Some people will plant trees or create works of art using their loved one’s ashes. 

Consider what your loved one loved most in life, and consider incorporating ashes in a way that your loved one would have approved.

 5. Place It in a Cemetery or Mausoleum

Many people are unaware that there are many options for spending eternity with your loved ones. You may be interested in memorials and mausoleums for cremation ashes storage or even the prospect of being buried together at family plots. Some people choose to bury ashes if they wish to be buried at a particular cemetery.


Caring for a loved one after death is unquestionably difficult. However, your heart doesn’t have to be heavy when you know there are many meaningful ways to memorialize your loved one. Regardless of which method you choose to honor your loved one, you will find comfort in knowing that their memory will stay alive in you.

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