Dressing Your Deceased Loved One: 3 Tips to Consider

Dressing Your Deceased Loved One: 3 Tips to Consider

Having a loved one pass away is a time of mourning and pain, but family members are expected to pull through and arrange a funeral. This allows the deceased proper recognition before burial, with numerous factors involved like booking a parlor, purchasing a casket, and above all, choosing the right outfit to dress your loved one in. 

Choosing the right clothes is an important detail often overlooked, and presents a unique challenge for family members. It’s difficult to clothe the dead, especially considering that you need to showcase their personality during the ceremonies before burial. 

This concern comes on top of the process of grief and other paperwork, making it a rather difficult period to get through. A lot of other questions surface during the task of dressing a loved one, but we’ve gathered some tips to help you through. Keep the following details in mind:

Tip #1: Consider their personal style 

It may be tempting to just clad them with a suit and tie, or perhaps a beautiful dress. When it comes to your loved one’s funeral attire, however, it’s best to consider their style, personality, and how they wish to be presented. The changing world has paved the way for nontraditional funerals, so it’s now acceptable to dress your loved ones in clothes they adore—even if it’s casual. 

Don’t be afraid to add color, accessories, and other special items. This will serve as your special tribute, especially since you’d want people to remember them the way they have lived. If your traditions call for it, however, it’s best to stick to traditional funeral clothing. 

Tip #2: Think of cultural and religious necessities 

Funeral services around the world have a single goal, but keep in mind that how it plays out varies. Certain religions require the dead to be buried according to tradition and culture, which can include the clothes and hairstyles. 

If you’re looking to arrange a traditional religious funeral, it’s best to consult the church or faith group leader for some guidance. In doing so, you ensure that the loved one’s final attire is presentable and appropriate. 

Tip #3: Make sure to incorporate special items

More often than not, people request to be buried with special items, such as wedding and engagement rings, including special necklaces and other items. Other people also asked to be buried with other personal items, such as Bibles, shawls, ceramics, and even family photographs.

All this will depend entirely on your loved one’s preferences, so make sure to keep their special items in mind. However, make sure to note if you need to place them for viewings only, or if these items should be buried alongside them. 

Ensuring Eternal Rest For Your Loved One 

Arranging a funeral can be an incredibly challenging task, especially since it encompasses a variety of decisions. There will be a mountain of paperwork to accomplish, as with preferences, music, flowers, and other necessary details. 

The burial outfit also plays a crucial role in the funeral, which can prove to be the most difficult of all tasks. However, keep in mind that this process can be made special, especially since you’ll be recalling your loved one’s personality and memories. There will be room to grieve, cry, and ultimately, smile.

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