How You Can Help a Grieving Friend

How You Can Help a Grieving Friend

Death and loss are hard, especially when it happens to us or someone close to us. If you have a friend that lost a loved one, you know they are in pain and are suffering. Obviously, you cannot bring his/her loved one back and can’t fix or solve all problems, but you can offer support.

For this blog post, we wanted to share with you the different ways you can show a grieving friend support after they’ve lost a loved one.

Listen to your friend – Offer to listen to your friend for whatever he/she needs or wants to talk about. He/she may want to share stories or events about the person pre-passing. He/she may also want to share how he/she is feeling or dealing with the loss. Make yourself available to your friend. Acknowledge his/her feelings. Try not to interject advice, but just be there to listen – listening can bring comfort to him/her.

Offer to help with specific things and tasks – Make specific suggestions to your friend on how you can help them, whether it’s picking up groceries, mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, etc. These small gestures can help your friend focus on other tasks. Be specific so your friend knows how you can help… they are likely overwhelmed, so your specific suggestion is helpful compared to a vague one.

Avoid saying problematic phrases – Some phrases that you can say to a mourner just around productive. Here are some to avoid: “I know how you feel,” “He is in a better place,” “Be strong and don’t cry,” “It’s God’s plan,” “He is in a better place, “ or “It was his time.” These phrases can feel and be dismissive, insensitive and hurtful. Try to acknowledge that you are sorry and that his/her situation is unique.

Overall, it’s best to just listen to your friend, offer specific help and be there for them in a multitude of ways. Your friend will appreciate and remember your comfort.

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