Going Green: 5 Fascinating Interment Options to Consider

Going Green: 5 Fascinating Interment Options to Consider

Even if you attempt to live a sound, vegetarian, low-sway way of life, odds are that the usual strategies for body removal aren’t quite as eco-friendly. If you’d like to be as environmentally conscious as possible—even in your death—there are quite a number of fascinating interment options to consider.

Many natural interment methods have risen to prominence in recent years, and though many may find them unusual, they are becoming much more streamlined and accepted by society at large.

In this article, we have outlined the best ways to ensure what remains of you is buried with the most eco-friendly methods in mind:

1. Mushroom Burial

One of the biggest concerns people have about the traditional embalming process is the way bodies are pumped with toxins to temporarily slow decomposition. While it may make for a more presentable appearance during the funeral, it does not present as many benefits to the ground in which one is buried. This is where mushrooms come in.

Through a cycle called mycoremediation, mushrooms are able to absorb many toxins and decontaminate their environment. Thanks to their bioremediation properties, you can help the earth restore its health—even after you’re gone.

2. Aquamation

Who says aquamation is only for pets? Also known as water incineration, aquamation involves partial decomposition of a body in a solution of water and potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide solution. This—along with extremely high temperatures—causes the body to dissolve quickly within a day.
After the process is complete, pieces of the skeleton can then be removed and pulverized into an ash-like powder that can then be placed in an urn, scattered, or buried.

3. Sea Burial

Do you have a special connection to the ocean? A sea burial may be right for you. In the same manner as Vikings, naval officials, and pirates, some people today are choosing to have their bodies returned to the water. This type of burial often involves a full-day charter where the funeral party goes out to sea and celebrates the life of an individual with an open or closed casket service before saying their final goodbyes.

4. Green Burial

Those seeking a balance between eco-friendliness and tradition can choose green burials. With this method, there are no embalming fluids or harmful chemicals injected into the deceased one’s body. Graves are fully dirt, without any cement. Headstones and other memorial items are optional. Only biodegradable caskets are permitted; otherwise, the body is simply wrapped in an unbleached cloth shroud. This allows the body to naturally decay, giving its nutrients to the Earth.

Many green burial grounds also serve as wildlife refuges, providing safe havens for animals and natural plant life. Families can decorate the place with a choice of live, wild grasses, and flowers.

Return to the Earth after Death with an Eco-friendly Burial

The cycle of life is beautiful, and it starts and ends with the ground. If you’d like a natural interment option, consider the above options. Any one will allow a body to be put to rest without causing undue damage to the environment.


If you are considering natural interment methods, Evergreen Funeral Home & Crematory offers a natural burial option for you. Rather than a traditional casket, you can opt for one made of Seagrass, which also includes a natural cotton lining, pillow, and shroud. Contact us at 904-353-3649 or visit our website to learn more about our natural burial services in Jacksonville, Florida.

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