Losing a Loved One: The Things We Ask Ourselves

Losing a Loved One: The Things We Ask Ourselves

When someone you love has passed, it can be quite challenging to cope with their loss. Sometimes, people start their reflection even before going to the funeral home to visit their loved ones. With that being said, many people handle loss quite differently. Still, one thing’s for sure — we tend to ask ourselves questions that can help us understand our grief. 

Grief can be felt differently by many people, but in retrospect, it can feel like a small part of your world has been taken from you. The journey of grief can be long, and from time to time, you’ll find yourself wondering about a few things, like:

  • Why did something like this happen to him/her? To me?
  • Why couldn’t I do anything about it?
  • How can I start feeling better?
  • How do I stay positive after all of this?

If you find yourself asking these questions, it’s pretty normal, and there’s no right or wrong, seeing as people handle grief differently, too. And although there is no uniform answer to these questions, we can help you put the pieces together somehow. 

Question #1: Will I Ever Get Over the Death of My Loved One?

When someone you love dies, death isn’t something you can overcome and put in the past quickly. Additionally, death isn’t something you can fix either. However, death is something you learn to live with, adapt to the change it brought, and move forward. 

You may never get over the passing of your loved one, but you can learn to live with what happened and move forward from there. Just because they’ve passed doesn’t mean you need to erase this memory completely.

Question #2: I Don’t Feel Any Support — Is There Something Wrong with Me?

Grief is extremely personal — everyone will react in their own way. Right now, you’re trying to cope and deal with the loss, right? Some people will try to help you, and yet you still feel empty; this is normal. 

People experience loss differently, and what worked for them may not work for you. So even if you feel like no one understands you, talking about your feelings can still help manage your grief. With that being said, allow yourself to be open. 

Question #3: It’s Been Months/Years, Why Don’t I Feel Better Yet?

It could feel like only yesterday when you were at the funeral home and grieving with the people close to you. And no matter how long that day has passed, grief actually doesn’t have a deadline. Instead, you adapt to what it has brought into your life. 

Emotional healing is different from physical healing — it’s not like a sprain that will be fully recovered after two weeks. Remember — healing takes place in milestones, and slowly you’ll reach the milestone when you finally feel a bit better.

The Bottom Line: Stay Patient and Compassionate Towards Yourself

The reason people start to question their grief is that they’re putting pressure on themselves during the healing process. People grieve differently, and so will you; that’s why it’s okay to welcome these questions, reflect on how you feel, and take small steps to recovery.

Eventually, you’ll notice that you’ll feel much different from the first day at the funeral home to months after that day. Big breaths, small steps, love, and patience with yourself are most important on this journey with grief. 

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