6 Ways to Personalize a Funeral and Make It Truly Special

6 Ways to Personalize a Funeral and Make It Truly Special

In this day and age, individualized funerals have become the norm rather than the exception. Families realize the significance of preparing a meaningful ceremony that genuinely captures the essence of how their loved one has lived.

That implies that cookie-cutter or typical funerals are becoming a thing of the past.

And, let’s face it, if improving your customized services isn’t one of your aims, it should be. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of personalized funeral ideas specifically for you.

1. Make a memory table.

A professionally designed memorial service table is a crucial component of any funeral ceremony (often called a memory or remembrance table). Setting up a table is an excellent way to commemorate someone’s life: telling stories about them, sharing things they enjoyed and expressing how much they meant to those around them.

A remembering table can contain whatever you choose, such as framed images, accolades and degrees, poems and artwork, family heirlooms, and cultural objects. Remember that you are under no duty to construct a stuffy or formal table for any service. It all comes down to being faithful to the person you loved and capturing their own essence.

2. Make a quote board

Using mementos and articles, display your loved one’s favorite quote or words of wisdom, their favorite bible quote, or song lyrics. Ask their friends and family to contribute pieces of their story, personal recollections, and pieces of advice they wanted to share.

3. Create a personalized video montage

Create a video slideshow using photos, videos, and audio clips. Have loved ones record messages for the service or write down their favorite memories of your loved one. The possibilities are endless—this is a great way to incorporate everyone’s voice and make them feel like they’re a part of the process.

4. Host a bucket-list event.

Is there something your loved one has always wanted to do? You may commemorate their life by crossing items off their bucket list.

Take films and images to share your memories on a memorial page. Traveling, running a marathon, attending a sporting event, or learning a new skill are all examples of bucket list items. This is a one-of-a-kind method to remember the person and is incredibly personal for those that attend.

5. Organize a Volunteering Event

Helping others is a wonderful way to honor a loved one. Was there a particular cause or group that the individual was passionate about? You may explore volunteer activities to help this organization and urge others to join you, such as a cancer walk, visiting the elderly, or donating to a local animal shelter.

You may also organize a new volunteer event, such as a stroll, a barbecue, a game night, or a poker run. You might make this an annual event to honor your loved ones by calling it after them and donating the money to a charity of your choice.

6. Acknowledge the Communities They Belonged To

Whether it’s a club, an organization, or simply a buddy group, these communities are frequently priceless assets in a person’s life. Incorporating a community’s colors, symbols, or logo into the ceremony décor is a terrific way to reflect them in your funeral customizing.

If they were a fraternity or sorority member, you might display their chapter’s flag inside the casket. You might also suggest that relatives and friends send flowers in the colors of the Greek organization to which your loved one belonged.


A customized funeral program is a thoughtful way to commemorate the life of someone you love. It is not about turning their service into entertainment but instead creating something beautiful to reflect the identity and personality of your loved one.

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