Personalized Funeral Ideas for Your Loved One

Personalized Funeral Ideas for Your Loved One

Today, personalized funerals are considered the standard, and traditional funerals that, let’s admit it, are pretty impersonal are slowly becoming a thing of the past. 

But because it’s still relatively novel and because funerals are hardly the time when your creative juices would be flowing, it’s good to know a few great ideas for celebrating the epic life of a loved one. Evergreen Cemetery shares some ideas with you: 

Have a Memory Table

When we go to a funeral, we reminisce, tell stories of our adventures with our deceased – good, bad, funny, and always memorable. Friends and family gather around a memory table, reminiscing and laughing and crying, sharing memories. It’s a celebration, and it’s meant to be.

How to do it right, though? Just set up a table with photos of your deceased, provide some pens and paper and allow everyone to write their own story about the deceased, and just let the stories flow. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll grow to love the person you’ve just met and how connected you’ll all feel.

Come Up with a Quote Board

Quotes, quotes, quotes… There’s something about passages that just speak to the soul, especially when they’re relevant. So take a few of your deceased’s favorite sayings and throw them up on a poster board, frame it, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful memory board.

You can have quotes from movies, from books, from poems, from songs, from your deceased – the possibilities are endless.

Choose Sympathy Flowers That Meant Something to Your Loved One

Sympathy flowers can only be delivered by a local, trusted florist. When you choose a bouquet of sympathy flowers, make sure you choose something that holds a special meaning for the recipient. It could be flowers that the deceased loved and were always around or something that reminded them of a special memory.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right arrangement, floral designers from the florist can help you out.

Make Sure Their Community Is a Part of It

It’s a little-known fact that funerals are a very unifying force – they bring people together from all walks of life and give them a chance to pay respect to the deceased.

How to do it right? Invite your deceased’s community or neighbors to give a speech at the funeral or tell a story on the memory table. Include members from your local church or other community organizations.

Perhaps even throw a party in their honor? The Black Greek community doesn’t wear black to funerals. They wear their fraternity’s colors. On the funeral day, the community of brothers and their families will wear the traditional fraternity colors and celebrate the life of the person who passed on. It’s a beautiful tradition that allows the Black Greek community to celebrate the life of those who have passed on and not mourn their death.

Light Scented Candles That Honor What the Deceased Love

Candles are magnificent. They allow us to have a light source without turning on the lights, and they’re beautiful. They come in all shapes and sizes and have all kinds of different scents.

Choose scented candles in your loved one’s favorite color or scent, and you’ll have a candle that will be an excellent decoration while also honoring the deceased and creating a light and relaxing atmosphere.


We’ve barely skimmed the surface of what is possible when planning a funeral. You can entirely customize the funeral to what you and your loved ones would like to do, and that’s the most important thing. Of course, you should only use a reputable company to handle your loved one’s funeral services in Jacksonville, FL. 

Evergreen JAX can provide you with reliable and unique funeral services in Jacksonville, FL. Contact us today so we can talk about the arrangements you need for your loved one. 

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