Phone Etiquette at Funerals You Need to Know About

Phone Etiquette at Funerals You Need to Know About

Back in 2017, a survey showed that 95% of all Americans own a cellphone. Out of that, 77% were smartphones. 

With those numbers, it shouldn’t be a surprise that people are always glued to their phones no matter if they’re waiting for public transportation, lining up for their coffee, sometimes to the dismay of others, even in theaters. 

But how about in events that tend to be more solemn, like a funeral?

In this post, Evergreen, the name behind one of the best cemeteries in Jacksonville, FL, will discuss one thing that few people talk about – cell phone etiquette at funerals: 

Phone Etiquette at Funerals – What to Remember

Certain events call for a proper protocol of good manners, and that includes funerals. Simply put, there are some instances where using your phone is not appropriate. While there is no formal law that regulates cell phone etiquette at funerals, there are some certain standards you should follow to be respectful of the deceased and the mourners.

Here are some of them:

Taking Photos

Abstain from taking pictures for posting on social media. Not only is it offensive to the family of the deceased, some states even have local ordinances against it. Unless you are tasked by the loved ones to do so, even at that, you should do it discreetly and make sure that you are not breaking any laws or rules in your area.

Making Phone Calls

Don’t make phone calls – not unless you are expecting an emergency call during the service. If you are taking an important phone call at the funeral, you should probably just leave. Otherwise, the call can wait.

Going on Social Media or Surfing the Internet

Never surf the internet, nor should you try sending messages or emails. It’s one thing to be distracted during a ritual and another to distract others with what you’re doing on your phone. It’s also distasteful to be tweeting or posting about attending a funeral or a wake unless you are family and it has been agreed upon that you’d be doing so.

Turning the Volume Down

Adjust the volume of your phone. You do not want to be the one who is constantly adjusting your phone while everyone else is still trying to pay attention to the ceremony. Better yet, put the phone on silent or turn it off completely.

Kids Gaming on Their Gadgets

You might think that it’s a better idea just to hand a phone to your kid to play with during the ceremony. Well, the better thing to do is to speak with your child and let them know how important the ceremony is and how they should be respectful. If that’s not possible, it may be better to get a sitter beforehand and leave the kids at home.


Funerals are not an everyday occurrence that people experience. It’s therefore understandable how most people are still unaware of proper cell phone etiquette. Despite that, it is important to be discreet, respectful, and thoughtful of the situation at hand.

During an end-of-life ceremony, bereaved family members and friends gather to pay their respects. When you attend a funeral or a burial at Evergreen cemetery or other cemeteries, for that matter, you should not use your cell phone or other electronic devices to the extent possible.

Evergreen is one of the best cemeteries in Jacksonville, FL, that also offers clients complete services so they won’t have to worry about the ceremony for their loved one. If you lost a loved one and want to give them the best service, contact Evergreen today!

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