Planning a Memorial or Funeral Service After a Cremation

Planning a Memorial or Funeral Service After a Cremation

Memorial services either before or after cremation are becoming much more common as it gives people a chance to collectively remember the deceased one last time. By recalling and sharing about our relationship with a loved one, we help ourselves better transition and accept the new reality without them. Here are some things to consider in case you want to plan and organize memorial or funeral services in Jacksonville, FL.

Decide on a Funeral or Memorial Service

When it comes to cremation, you have a choice to make between a funeral or a memorial service. People tend to use them interchangeably, but there’s actually a subtle difference between the two.

A funeral service is typically held in a church or a Jacksonville funeral home. Any other appropriate setting could also be chosen just as long as the body is present. Services can include an officiate, clergy, or celebrant. Another thing that sets funerals apart is that it requires a rigid container during the service to transfer the deceased to the actual cremation.

On the other hand, memorials take place after the cremation, meaning the body is no longer present. Instead, the family chooses to display the cremated remains in an urn or another decorative container during the service.

Plan a Gathering Around the Final Disposition

Since you’ve selected cremation as the final disposition, you should then consider where you want to place the cremated remains. You can choose to either scatter the cremated remains, bury them, or have the urn in permanent possession at home. Whatever option you choose, you can still plan a gathering to celebrate the life of the deceased, but with some minor differences. For example, if you opt for scattering the remains, you may gather your loved ones at the deceased’s favorite location.

Choose a Location for the Service

A traditional funeral or memorial service can be done at the family’s house, the church, or even at the crematorium. Yes, some crematoriums allow the service to take place at their location, so it’s easier to transfer the body to the cremation room. The exact procedure will depend on the specific facility. If and how to have a ceremony is entirely up to you, and you can discuss it with the funeral director or the crematorium staff.

Consider a Permanent Memorial

Families who select cremation are also given the option of a permanent memorial for the deceased. A permanent memorial is a place where your family can return for generations to come to honor the deceased’s memory and legacy. Memorials can range from a marker in a Jacksonville cemetery, a plaque, or even an object like a tree. You may also choose to bring the deceased’s favorite artwork or memorabilia, photos, or even flowers to adorn the monument. This will serve as the perfect place for a gathering where family and friends can hold monthly or yearly visitations.


It has always been customary, but not required, to hold a service to remember the deceased. This gives the mourners a chance to support each other, share stories and memories, and continue to celebrate who the deceased was while they were still living.

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