Choosing the Perfect Urn for Your Cremated Loved One

Choosing the Perfect Urn for Your Cremated Loved One

Commemorating our dearly departed with the right urn is one good way to memorialize them. An urn is a good way to store the ashes of our late loved ones and friends. You can move it anytime or bring it to different locations for proper final rites. It is also perfect for small spaces, whether the urn stays at home, in a space-saving cemetery space, or a small mausoleum.

There are different types of urns and ways to use them, which we will present to you today for consideration. These types of urns may just respect the spirit of your late loved one.

Urn Options to Choose From

Your choice of urn will depend on their use for the remainder of the time. You can choose from different materials to house your loved ones, like metal, cast bronze, wood, ceramic, or glass-type materials. These urns can either be taken home and displayed or used for wakes and funerals. As a general rule, ashes are stored in a heavy-duty plastic bag inside the urn. The ashes are never contained directly in the urn itself.

In many ways, urns are a cost-effective and space-saving alternative to coffins, both for use in wakes and after the final funeral rites. There are also fewer handling issues once the ashes are processed into the urn as the final step. 

There are even smaller urns that allow remaining family and friends to share the remains and put them in commemorative necklaces or smaller containers as an alternate way of remembrance.

After cremation, the deceased person’s relatives can use the urn for the wake before being transferred to the final resting place, either at a small funeral lot, a small mausoleum, or a small plot or columbarium. 

Some people will take urn home or to another resting place or even release the ashes in a special location specified by the deceased person as part of their final wishes.

Other Urn Options

There are also alternative methods of disposing of the remains of the deceased, aside from scattering the ashes. One option is by performing a water burial, either at sea or another body of water, as part of the final ceremonial rites. Some may scatter the ashes in a body of water and keep the urn as a remembrance.

Using a biodegradable material for the urn is also perfect for burials. The biodegradable contained will naturally decompose over time with no environmental aftereffects. The bereaved family members can decide on which best location is suited for these last burial steps.

Another method is using environmental burial pods that use biodegradable material with a tree urn that houses a seed and soil mix. The relatives will bury the pod in a specified location. Over time, the pod will decompose, and a tree will grow out of the pod using the soil and ashes to grow.

Final Thoughts

Urns can be a great final resting place for our deceased loved ones. These special containers can be used in different rites and ceremonies to give a proper and respectful send-off. You can also choose from a number of urn options and types of burials, such as water burials or growth pods.

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