Things You Should Ask When Choosing a Funeral Home

Things You Should Ask When Choosing a Funeral Home

Coming to terms with a loved one’s death is among the most challenging events in a person’s life. Although deaths could strike some as morbid, there is still value in preparing for an event that everyone would face someday. However, you might not know the first thing about finding the right funeral home. When choosing a final resting place for you or your family, it helps to ask these questions.

What do people say about this funeral home?

Everyone knows of a place with a bad reputation. The first instinct for many is to avoid places like these. When selecting a funeral home, look for online reviews, listen to friends or family’s feedback, and read comments on the facility’s social media pages.

Are staff members caring and compassionate?

In any business you patronize, you expect kindness and professionalism. This should go double for funeral homes since they’ll be interacting with families going through a difficult time in their lives.

The facility should show excellent customer service and a sincere desire to provide care. See how involved this funeral home is with their community, or give them a call before your book an appointment. You can glean a lot about a person’s attitude from how they handle phone calls. It’s a nice plus if the funeral home has therapy dogs on-site; pets can help younger family members cope.

Are they willing to provide you with a unique experience?

A funeral should honor the life of the person who had passed. When deciding on a facility, think of whether they will allow a “personalized” memorial or ceremony. Families are eager to have unique, meaningful ways of celebrating their loved ones, and good funeral homes will work with you and sincerely listen. The funeral director will not just run through a boilerplate list of options and will be willing to discuss what you want to do for your family member.

Does this place have a good location or facilities?

Whenever possible, opt for a convenient location. You will need to be in frequent contact with the funeral home while making arrangements for the burial, so choosing one near the memorial park will be the best option for you and guests during your service. Look critically at the funeral home as well. Is it clean, and do they have a chapel or space for a viewing? Are the rooms well-kept, and is the decor just right?

Lastly, confirm if they offer the services you need. Are there embalming or cremation services, and is there an option to hire transportation from the funeral home to the burial site? Are there child-friendly spaces? Asking about these details will help you narrow down a list of candidates if you have several good places in mind.


It’s always challenging to cope with loss, much more so the loss of a loved one. When organizing memorial services and burials, you need a partner who can respond to your needs adequately. Your funeral home should provide you and your family a smooth, trouble-free stay, so you can be in the moment and grieve the way you should when the time comes to say goodbye.

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